Education of Jehovah's Witnesses.


Is it really true JW are against education? I need more info on this, plz help.

Reply: Of course not. Jehovah's Witnesses recognize the need for a basic high school education. Some even have a higher education. However this is frowned upon. The reason being is this. JW's are 'seperate from the world'.

Worldly knowledge is looked down upon because it is believed that the world is dominated by Satan. Also since the 1870's, when the Jehovah's Witnesses were formed by Charles Taze Russell, they've been predicting that armageddon is 'right around the corner'.

It is believed that only their religion has 'the truth'. Because of this some Witnesses believe that a higher education in worldly ways has no value compared to wisdom contained in Watchtower literature that 'explains the Bible'.

There's a concern that 'worldly wisdom' could weaken their faith and that the time spent pursuing a college education would interfere with the important work of gathering God's people into the safety of the JW religion before Armageddon strikes.