Leaving The Jehovah's Witnesses.

Leaving the JWs.

I just have a comment and a question for you folks.

First of all I do not have any dealings with the JW organization. I have a good friend that is and I have been working with them asking questions and really banging my head against the wall trying to find the right things to say to them and I felt like I have been spinning my wheels here.

Then I came across your web page here and it has given me more information to ask them and I thank you for that.

The questions are how long were you apart of the JW's and what did it take or what was said to you for you to see things differently and leave the organization?

Maybe what was said to you might open the eyes of my friend as well. Thank You for your time.

Reply: There is plenty of information on this website that answers your question. Please take a look at our articles. Thank-you for your email.