The Truth.

Thank-you for this website.

I have just found your website and I must give you a huge thank you, as I too have left the JW belief system quite a long time ago now. (1987 to be exact)

My beliefs now have changed 360 degrees from what I was back then but at the time that I left(disfellowshipped) I sure could of used your website to help me through the many years of sadness, depression, oppression, and loss of love and friendship that leaving the JW faith brings.

Your site is incredibly accurate and factual but do you have any ways of helping those who are struggling with life on the outside like those who may be strong enough to leave like I did but may be wavering on going back?

Throughout the past 24 years I have read many books, that helped me confirm that what I did by leaving was the right choice to make. I have also gone out of my way to experience all the things I was not allowed to do, the 141 rules that you have shown in your site (within reason). I enjoy all holidays, I vote, I join groups, I make friends with psychics, gone to tarot readers and palm readers...and on and on.

I still remain a balanced human being though, and respect others and love others by not inflicting any harm in any way though. And I have refrained from ever being a smoker, drug addict, sex addict, or alcholic too. These things were just a natural conscious decision I made myself as I strive to be a good neighbor to everyone and to love all people.

After exploring the fact that God, or whom they call Jehovah (I don't like to overuse God's name as I have learned from studying the Kabalah that his name should only be used in extreme instances and not to be used in vain as the JW's constantly do) really loves all people and doesn't have a wrathful plan for the world at all.

Yes God loves everyone and only wants all of us to learn on this earth about how to be happy and how to improve on our own short comings.

There is no 'Truth' as they call it. As far as religion goes, there is no true religion. All of us are human beings here on earth to learn lessons of life. If there were no religions at all and we all just loved each other 'just because' that is what humans beings are here on this planet earth to do.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and I sure wish you were around for me 24 years ago, but I think I'm doing alright now even though!

Reply. Thank-you so much. We would love for you to join us and/or share your experiences on our Facebook page. You have an excellent style of writing and getting your thoughts across clearly in a unique and original way.

As I read the articles on this website, I feel exactly as you do. If only I would have had this information 30 - 40 years ago. I would have left in a heart beat, without giving it a second thought. I don't understand why anyone is still defending the organization, given the information we have available today.

What we were blessed with in the early 1980's was the book by Raymond Franz called Crisis of Conscience. When i accidentally stumbled up it in my college library, I was angered and outraged. I was ashamed about my involvement with the Witnesses and the time I devoted to Watchtower interests.

This website is our way of reaching out to help unhappy individuals inside and outside the organization. Unfortunately we can only help people who are searching for it. Many are trapped inside. The doors are open for them to escape but they're afraid to leave.

Also like you say, some have left the organization and are waivering about going back. All I can say is this. We're not here to push our beliefs on anyone. We're here to help people who want answers.

The information people need is available to anyone who asks for it. Everyone needs to decide what's best for them. If they want to go back because they miss their family, friends, or whatever, there's nothing we can do except send them love and accept their decision without judgment. Luke 6:35-37

Thank-you again for your email. It's nice to know this website has blessed you and made a difference in your life.