Evil Thinking.

Love Vs Evil.

Jehovah's Witnesses say their loving God Jehovah will destroy billions of people in order to restore a paradise earth. Why? Because they believe they are God's organization. They are God's channel of communication. Everyone else is dominated by Satan's wicked system of things. Watchtower Sept 1989

However it is not true that everyone outside the JW faith is wicked. In fact most are not. They simply have their own faith and relationship with God.

If God destroys kind, loving, and good hearted people because a small percentage of them are murders, thieves, and rapists, he would be far more evil than any other intelligent being in the world. We know that God is not evil. He is love.

There is no need for God to wipe out the world he created because a few people are evil. A paradise earth is possible when people learn to love their neighbors and enemies.

Love is contagious. Everyone wants it. When people feel loved they share their happiness with others. Love for people of all faiths is the best way for us to help God restore world peace and security.