Friends With A Jehovah's Witness.

A Personal Experience.

Thank You for allowing me to join your wonderful group. This is a painful journey. I got involved with a charismatic JW, for about 1 year now. This gal had the ability to draw you in on every level. I just thought wow maybe she has some spirituality, would sure be nice to be friends, since not too many people are really interested in God.

Being an out door type person, we would hike, ride bikes, and in the summer enjoy the beach, etc, every so often we would go to lunch. I found it so unusual at the time, she would invite her JW friends to come with. I never went anywhere without 2-3 of them in tow. They too were "nice".

I attended 3 meetings at the Kingdom Hall, and 2 Bible studies. Not sure why I continued on with them, no one ever talked about anything really, there was no discussion on anything, I tried to bring up subjects, mainly because I was bored, but no discussion.

I was invited to the Bible Study, I thought wow, I haven't read the Bible in a long time, wonder if I could still find, Matthew, Mark Luke or John!! Well no discussion there either, robotic reading, I was so confused, I thought I enjoyed their company, but geeze something was weird.

Then along the journey, when I started to drift, I got the "walk right past you, and not say a word". I took that very hard, wondered what had I done, really freaked me out, after all the time we had spent as supposedly "friends", but being in denial, I just figured it was me. So I continued to try to be friends and went to another meeting, this pleased her; I thought I was being nice, since this meant so much to this person.

I kept getting "jacked" around for most of the year emotionally and finally now, I will make the break. I found your wonderful site, and it has helped. Very few people have that special something that makes them apart from others, and it is called "charisma", this gal has it, and I bit the bait.

I hope it will help others to understand and not take things personally like I did, I hope some day my " friend" will know God personally... all is in his hands...

Thanks to God, I am healing, what a ride, and the saying "Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing" rings true for me. Thank You again!!