God Has Spoken.

  • Jehovah's Witnesses believe their organization is God's channel of communication
  • Since God speaks to them, they believe they are 'in the truth'. Everyone else is said to be, 'out of the truth'

Never Disagree With God.

Faithful Jehovah's Witnesses are steadfast in their beliefs. They never lean upon their own understanding, interpret the Bible differently, or disagree with their organization.

Disagreeing with the organization is thought to be virtually the same as rebelling against God

Welcome To Spiritual Paradise.

The organization has many rules. JW's believe these rules are 'common sense' and what God requires. These rules are portrayed as being liberating and essential in order to be saved.

Happy Jehovah's Witnesses don't feel they are being denied or restricted. They believe they are doing the right thing and will be rewarded by God. Other Jehovah's Witnesses are very unhappy. They see the religious control. And they disagree with some of the beliefs. Many have left. Other's stay, pretending to be happy. It is very difficult to escape from 'spiritual paradise'.

Can Beliefs Change?

Will the organization change doctrines? Maybe, but it's not likely. Doing so would be very difficult.

The organization says they are God's channel of communication. Therefore is unlikely that God will convince them to change their beliefs. He has already spoken.

They have Witnessed to the world that they have 'the truth' and the entire world is wrong. They have Witnessed that they are God's chosen ones because their doctrines are correct and the rest of us are dominated by Satan because our beliefs are different. According to their literature, only Jehovah's Witnesses have any scriptural hope of being saved. Watchtower Sept 1989

Thus, after decades of disfellowshipping (excommunicating) Jehovah's Witnesses for breaking the rules and criticizing other religions for teaching false doctrines, it would be difficult to change church policy.

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