Jehovah Vs Jesus. What Is The Difference?

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Jesus Vs Jehovah.

Jesus is not like Jehovah at all. In fact, if you carefully read the words of Jesus, you will notice that 'God the Father' thinks very differently than the God Jehovah.

The God of the new testament doesn't demand sacrifice and strict attention to rules. Christians cannot earn salvation by working hard for their tribe (religion), adhering to strict rules, religious beliefs, or trying to be better than everyone else. Instead, the Bible repeatedly says Christians are saved by God's grace, and salvation is a 'free gift' already paid for by the sacrifice of Jesus.

Jesus tells us that God the Father is unconditionally loving. Luke 6:35. This is a sharp contrast to Jehovah, who is very judgmental. Jehovah's love is conditional upon obedience and sacrifice.

God the Father's love is based on nothing at all. It's unconditional. The Bible says God the Father is kind to the 'ungrateful and wicked' By following God's example we become 'sons of the Most High'. Luke 6:27-41

Also, unlike the followers of Jehovah in ancient times, followers of Jesus and 'God the Father' have a direct spirit-directed relationship with God that is symbolized by baptism. Matthew 28:18-19.

Christianity frees individuals from ancient laws that were designed to protect primitive tribes from God's wrath.

God has not changed. However Jesus is a more advanced understanding of God and his true divine nature. Luke 6: 35-37; Matthew 11:29.

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