Love Is A Better Way.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that all wicked people must be destroyed by God at armageddon before God can create a paradise earth. Paradise will be a unified world where everyone belongs to Jehovah's Organization. Watchtower Sept 1989

Love Is A Better Way.

We all know that God is love. God created us in 'his image'. This means we are creative. We think for ourselves. We decide how we will live our life. It's been like that from the beginning of time. God has never taken away free choice.

Destruction Of The Wicked.

It's true that there are Bible stories in which people were wicked and they were destroyed by Jehovah. This is because Bible writers in ancient times didn't fully appreciate God's love. They believed that if a flood destroyed thousands of people, God must be punishing the wicked. If a disease spread throughout an entire community, ancient people did not understand what really happened. They assumed that the only logical reason for massive death was because some people in their tribes did something to displease Jehovah and because of this God wiped out everyone.

That's why rules, regulations and obedience to strict rules was so important in ancient tribes. It was believed that God could destroy everyone if tribal leaders allowed some people to do evil things.

What Did Jesus Say?

Jesus brought with him a new understanding of God. Obedience to rules was not as important as love. Followers of Jesus have a direct relationship with God symbolized by baptism

We could summarize the teachings of Jesus something like this. As long as we align ourselves with God's love by loving his creation, we are one with God. We love him and he loves us. We belong to God. He will protect and comfort us. Not only that but Jesus goes one step farther. He says that the Most High is kind to the wicked and ungrateful. Luke 6:27-41. Thus Jesus indicates that his Father, 'the Most High' is more loving and kind than the God Jehovah of the old testament. Did God change his beliefs? No. However we have. Our understanding of God has evolved over time.

Fight Evil With Love.

A paradise earth based on God's love is a better way. Everyone is free. Beliefs do not need to unite the world, - only love.

With love it is impossible for evil to exist. We learn to love when we step out of comfort zone and learn about the beliefs of others. Instead of judging people as evil because their beliefs are different, we can learn to love them like God does. Loving people don't isolate themselves. They are not separate from the world. They want to understand their neighbors. In this way they increase their capacity to appreciate, respect, and love the diversity God created.

Love People. Know God.

All we ever hope to see when we associate with people is the love they have for us. When we look into someone's eyes and see their love, we see a reflection of ourselves, because we are love. We see a brother or a sister who shares our love for God. After a while, we do not notice that our neighbor has different beliefs,- nor do we care. All we notice is that we are one. We are one with God and all the people he created. In this place of unconditional love, it is impossible for evil to exist. God loves us. We are love. We have created a paradise earth.