Loyalty To The Watchtower IS Rebellion Against God.

The Watchtower says that Jehovah requires obedience and 100% loyalty the letter of the law. It's all or nothing.

The False Teaching That Appears To Be 'The Truth'.

The Watchtower magazine says, 'Apostasy is, in reality, a rebellion against Jehovah. The Watchtower, October 1, 1993, page 19

What Is The Truth?

Logical minds point out that the truth is exactly the opposite of what the Watchtower teaches!

Loyalty to the organization is, in fact, rebellion against God! Here's why.

The path to eternal life is loving God with ALL your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Luke 10:27; Loyalty to God involves prayer, meditation, and listening to God's Holy Spirit for guidance.

The Watchtower contradicts what the Bible says. They say that Jehovah can only communicate with the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. And the Governing Body tells Jehovah's Witnesses what God says. JW's believe God communicates through His Word, the Bible, but the Watchtower is in charge of teaching what the Bible says.

Even if the Bible says something completely opposite of what the Watchtower teaches, Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the Watchtower only teaches what's in the Bible because their leaders (8-12 men) are in communication with Jehovah.

JW's spend a lot of time in prayer and they say they have a close relationship with Jehovah, but when they have a question, the Watchtower tells them what Jehovah said. JW's believe it's impossible for Jehovah to speak with them. He only communicates with 'the faithful and discreet slave' (the Watchtower).

Thus LEAVING the Watchtower (apostasy), allows former Jehovah's Witnesses to pray to God and listen for answers from Holy Spirit without Watchtower interference. This is what the Bible really teaches.

If JW's thought seriously about this truth and the supporting evidence in this article, the truth would set them free. 'Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.' John 8:32

What Does Jehovah Require of Jehovah's Witnesses?

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that God is all knowing. His rules do not change and his standards remain the same because His Word is the truth. This means that what Jehovah required in the beginning is what he requires today. Jesus brought 'new light' and new understanding, - simply to love God and your neighbors.

What Did Jehovah Require of Perfect People in The Beginning?

Jehovah's Witnesses believe in the story of Adam and Eve. Even though it's not in the Bible, the Watchtower teaches that Jehovah will restore a paradise earth filled with perfect people like he originally intended with Adam and Eve. In the beginning Adam and Eve were given only one simple standard to live by. i.e. Don't eat the fruit from one tree in the garden.

What Does Jehovah Require of Imperfect People Today?

How many standards does the Watchtower say Jehovah has today? Check it out.

  1. 141 Things Jehovah's Witnesses Can't Do
  2. 2010 Watchtower Rules. Shepherd the Flock of God

Is it possible for imperfect people to keep all the above rules perfectly? Obviously not. Adam and Eve were supposedly perfect and they had trouble keeping just one rule. Why then does the Watchtower say that Jehovah expects so much of his people?

The truth is He doesn't! It is the Watchtower that requires a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses. When referring to themselves, they use God's name Jehovah to command 100% loyalty and obedience.

What is the Watchtower's motive in deceiving Jehovah's Witnesses? Power and money. Jehovah's Witnesses work for free to further Watchtower financial interests and investments.

For those of you who see how the Watchtower has managed to deceive Jehovah's Witnesses, please like this page and visit us on Facebook. We look forward to your comments and questions. If you're still confused, read on. It will all make sense.

The path to eternal life for Jehovah's Witnesses, means they must abandon loyalty to the Watchtower. God is the path to eternal life. Religions can't save us. God is real. He created each one of us. He can communicate with every single person on the planet at the same time if he wanted to. He is all powerful and a God of love who cares about us deeply. All we need is faith and a desire to have a personal relationship with our Creator. God reaches out to all who reach out to him.

For Jehovah's Witnesses Only. Loyalty To Jehovah's Organization IS Rebellion Against God. Here's Why.

If you're a JW, you're probably very confused. What we're saying is exactly the opposite of what you believe. You may see our point, but still believe we are twisting the truth. The Watchtower has deceived you big time. They've told you that the words of apostates are 'valueless' and we're working for Satan, etc. ... None of this is true. The truth can't deceive you because it can be proven with facts and logic. Your enemy is not us. It is the Watchtower. They have twisted the truth and used you for selfish gain.

To make the truth crystal clear please read the rest of this article very carefully. It will all make perfect sense to you if you read with an open mind looking only for the logical and honest truth, - not what the Watchtower has drummed into your brain over and over for many years.

Please understand that we left the organization after 1975. We are no longer bitter. We don't have an axe to grind. And we don't want anything from you. We have spent thousands of hours in this ministry out of love and compassion for you and all Jehovah's Witnesses. We expect nothing in return. This is the path to eternal life according to Jesus. Loving people and complete strangers.

If you don't believe us, or our motives, carefully read the parable of the Good Samaritan over and over again, and consider this article Narrow Is The Road Leading To Eternal Life

If It's The Truth, Why Are Jehovah's Witnesses Leaving.

  • What would cause someone who has been a JW for 20, 30, 40, or even 60+ years to leave a religion they've practiced so long? What is so bad that they're willing to be shunned by their parents, their children, all close family members, and intimate friends they've known all their life?

This article answers this question like no other article does. It was written by a former JW who was a very active and loyal member of the Jehovah's Witnesses for over 20 years. After 1975, many JW's left but many left before 1975 as well. Why did they leave? Why have millions of Jehovah's Witnesses abandoned their religion? Thousands of former JW's have told us the same story. This is what they say. This article is about the root cause of unhappiness, disagreement, and conflict within the Watchtower religion.

What JW's Say About Their Religion.

Most JW's love the Watchtower organization. At one time we believed it is the best religion on the planet.

However we as JW's didn't see the big picture. We diligently studied thousands of Watchtower articles but the Watchtower didn't tell us everything.

All we saw was love. We saw good people. We saw wholesome teachings. e.g. We didn't go to war and kill people like so called religious, God fearing people do. We kept Jehovah's laws impeccably. We were even willing to die for Jehovah if necessary instead disobeying His law on blood transfusions. We couldn't understand why anyone would want to leave.

Thus the question arises, 'If it's the best religion, why have so many JW's left?' More JW's have left the Watchtower than are active in the religion today! JW's assume that some people are not strong enough or willing to live by Jehovah's high moral standards. Instead, they give up and leave or are disfellowshipped. That's the short, simplified answer. But there is much more to it than that.

This article, like all information on this site was written especially for JW's. But everyone can benefit if they want clarity. Hundreds of thousands of people from JW's, to Mormons, to Catholics, and everyone in between have benefited from our unique perspective.

If you love the truth, we speak it with love for you. We're not just saying that. We mean it. This entire website was built for you. Hundreds of articles and thousands of hours have been poured into it since 2009. Others have benefited greatly from this unique life changing information, but our primary purpose has always been to help our dear friends who are 100% loyal to the Watchtower and still don't know why zealous JW's suddenly pack up and leave, - never to be seen again.

We judge no one. But we don't sugar coat the truth either. If you want the honest truth with nothing held back, this article is for you. It will open your eyes.

If you're a JW and love your religion, we promise that you'll learn a lot and clearly see things you never saw before. So many good people are JW's but there's a dark side that remains hidden from JW's who are happy with their religion. This article will help you really understand why millions have left.

God Asks Us To Be Loyal.

God wants us to be loyal to Him, but didn't create slaves. We are free to do anything we want. We can accept God or reject Him. God wouldn't want it any other way. However if we want to have a close relationship with God, He requires something from us. God expects certain things if we want a loving relationship with Him.

For one, the Bible says Jehovah is a jealous God. He wants ALL or nothing. You can't worship Jehovah and obey other gods at the same time. Jesus told us to love God with ALL our heart, mind, soul, and strength.

The question for JW's is this. Can they be 100% loyal to God and the Watchtower at the same time? Can they serve two masters and make them both happy?

JW's say, 'No we can't serve two masters, but we don't. We only serve Jehovah.'

Even though JW's believe they serve only Jehovah, this is not entirely true. They also obey 'Jehovah's organization'. They have dedicated their lives to Jehovah AND 'His organization'. Therefore loyalty to both Jehovah and the organization is required.

JW's don't see any problem with this because they believe the Watchtower is being used by Jehovah to do His will. The organization keeps JW's united so JW's can spread God's message to the entire world. For JW's, the organization is the only way God can warn the wicked about armageddon and save as many people as possible before armageddon. The organization is an instrument of Jehovah.

Thus Jehovah's people support the Watchtower 100%. After all it's 'Jehovah's organization', isn't it? If it's Jehovah's organization shouldn't JW's support it and be 100% loyal? Certainly when we were JW's this logic made perfect sense. After all if it's Jehovah's organization and we're not 100% loyal, then we're rejecting Jehovah. Aren't we?

Thus we didn't see anything wrong. For JW's there's no difference between what Jehovah says and the organization says. It's the same thing. They're both in agreement, aren't they? If the organization requires it, then God requires it and visa versa. Isn't that true?

Let's go back to this assumption later. For now let's look at what JW's believe.

Right or wrong, ... agree or not agree, ... nagging doubts, ... or no doubts whatsoever, - it doesn't matter. Even if the Watchtower is mistaken about a few things, most JW's don't see a problem. JW's don't expect the Watchtower to be perfect, - even though God is.

How Do JW's Know The Watchtower Is Jehovah's Organization?

Ok. Let's go back to something we been avoiding to address up until now.

  1. Read these Watchtower quotes about being God's channel of communication
  2. Read these Watchtower quotes about having no divine inspiration

How can the Watchtower be God's channel of communication if they have no divine inspiration? How can they be Jehovah's organization if Jehovah doesn't speak to them? Or does He?

If the Watchtower can make mistakes, how can Jehovah be in communication with them? If he is not, how does the Watchtower know what to write in their literature? What if they're wrong? ... What if the Watchtower is saying things God does not agree with? Yes this logic opens up a big can of worms and we'll talk more about this later. But for now let's say this.

In order to accomplish God's will, JW's know they must speak in agreement and be like minded. They must remain united, - 100% loyal to God and the Watchtower organization at the same time, - even if they have nagging doubts that surface from time to time. JW's believe their doubts are normal and there's nothing to be concerned about. We felt the same way.

We trusted the Watchtower 100% even though we knew they could be mistaken about some things. Looking back now, we shouldn't have been so trusting. If God communicates only with them and they are His organization, then they should never make mistakes about what God has said.

According to the Bible, getting 'new light' from Jehovah is not a good excuse or way out for making mistakes and false predictions. If a prophet is wrong even one time, then worshippers of Jehovah have no reason to obey the prophet ever again. Deut. 18:21,22

Loyalty To The Watchtower.

There's one small problem with loyalty to the Watchtower organization. Actually it's a really big one that might not make sense at the moment.

Please read this entire article if you're a JW. Take your time. Don't turn your mind off just because we are 'former' JW's. That's exactly what the Watchtower wants you to do. When we were JW's, the Watchtower didn't want us to know the truth. They don't want you to know it either. That's why so many JW's are still 100% loyal to the WT. They don't know what we know about the WT. When they find out, they have no choice but to leave.

This article makes a lot of sense so please don't jump to conclusions and judge us before considering everything we say. You might need to read this article a few times before it makes sense but we promise it will be worth your time.

If you're a JW, we know your point of view very well. We used to think exactly like you think. Here's what we discovered. We were absolutely sure we had the truth and apostates were lying, but we were wrong.

What we say will give you clarity but it will sound like nonsense in the beginning. We understand. Because of our religious programming and point of view, it seemed like everyone was lying except the WT. Once again we were wrong. Some people outside the organization were right but we resisted tooth and nail. We argued a lot and in the end we made fools of ourselves. They were right. We were wrong. We still can't believe it. We were sure we had the truth. We couldn't understand why everyone else was twisting the truth and what the Bible says. As it turns out we were twisting the truth and what the Bible says! We didn't do this intentionally of course, but all we knew was the Watchtower's perspective.

A life time is a long time to waste. You can leave this website now and continue on the same path for the rest of your life, or you can hear us out first and then decide, yes or no. If you want the truth and are not afraid of it, here it is. Are you ready?

If you're a JW, both God and the Watchtower is asking for 100% loyalty and devotion. Do you see anything wrong with this? Can you serve two different masters and be 100% loyal at the same time?

Is this true or not? Do JW's need to be 100% loyal to both? JW's will say 'yes it is, but the Watchtower is God's organization. They are doing God's will! The Watchtower follows the Bible. We are the only true religion. All other religions are false. Apostates are false teachers. The Watchtower is an instrument Jehovah is using in these last days. The Watchtower is God's faithful and discreet slave. How dare you suggest anything different?'

The Truth About 'The Truth'.

If you've come this far in the article, please hear us out and read every single word to the very end.

We assure you that God and the Watchtower are not partners! They are competitors!!! God wants you to love Him with all your mind, heart, soul, and strength. The organization wants the same thing! They are competing!

The Watchtower wants people to believe that obeying them is the only way to obey Jehovah and that rejecting the organization is the same as rejecting God. [1]

  • e.g. Since 1985 JW's vow loyalty to God and the Watchtower in their baptism vows to God!

What the Watchtower says doesn't make sense. A jealous man does not share his wife with another man. Neither does God. God requires exclusive devotion if we want to have a close, loving relationship with Him.

It's the same if you're married. If you want a close, loving relationship with your spouse, you can't have another romantic relationship on the side.

Jehovah is a jealous God. He does not share. A jealous wife does not share her husband with another woman. If there is another woman in your marriage, she is competing. She is not a partner. A jealous wife rarely falls in love with the other woman who's having an affair with her husband. The very idea is absurd.

It's the same in the Watchtower religion. JW's are dedicated to Jehovah but they're fooling around with the Watchtower on the side. They mistake loyalty to the organization as loyalty to God. This is a false assumption.

God and the Watchtower are not the same entities just like a married woman is not same as the 'other woman'. They're both females. They both might be attractive. They might have similar goals, interests, and ambitions, they might look exactly the same, they might be identical twins, ... but they're not the same individuals. Certainly the two women are not working together. The wife is not happy about sharing her husband with another woman.

Likewise Jehovah and the Watchtower are not working together to keep JW's spiritually fed and healthy. The Watchtower is competing with God. The Watchtower wants JW's to serve Jehovah AND the organization. You know this is true. The Watchtower says this over and over again. On the other hand God wants you to serve only Him!

The Watchtower Success Story.

The Watchtower has been able to do something pretty amazing. They've been able to do what other religions dream of doing but can't. The Watchtower has attracted millions of people. These people dedicate their lives to God AND the organization! It's the only way to be a JW. Witnesses must be 100% loyal to the organization and obey with no questions asked. They must never attend another church. They must never have a blood transfusion. If they have a spiritual question, they must make sure the answer harmonizes with what the Watchtower teaches. How is the Watchtower able to control what millions of people think, do, and say? Why is there no disagreement within the organization? Why is everyone like minded?

JW's believe it's because God is blessing them. JW's believe they are the only true religion and all others are false. Because they have God on their side, and Satan dominates the entire world outside of the Watchtower organization, they have grown and prospered.

Why JW's Are Loyal To The WT.

Because the Watchtower uses God's name 'Jehovah' and have interpreted the Bible differently than educated Bible scholars, they have convinced JW's they have 'the truth' and are partners with God. i.e. If the Watchtower said it, - God said it. And if God said, - the Watchtower said it. All other teachers, regardless of what they have to say, are 'false teachers', even if some of the things they say are truthful.

The Watchtower zealously quotes Bible verses and uses God's word to 'prove' they are 'Jehovah's organization', God's 'faithful and discreet slave', they are Jehovah's representatives, His visible organization, they are his 'channel of communication', etc. Of course none of these claims can be proven using any Bible.

They quote Bible verses and show that what the Bible said thousands of year ago is meaningfully related to events in Watchtower history from 1914 to 1919. [h]

Normally no one would believe such outlandish claims, but through clever 'theocratic' language, five meetings a week, repetitive fear based messages, hypnotic suggestions, isolation from the world, and other questionable techniques, they've been able to command extreme loyalty even when JW's have serious doubts.

Most are willing to die if necessary. If they die for obeying the WT, they've died for obeying God. JW's can't see the difference because the WT's message appears to be God's message.

Running Ahead Of Jehovah.

Instead of listening only to God's voice and waiting for God's spirit to answer they're prayers, JW's 'run ahead of Jehovah' and make the Watchtower responsible for what they believe. If the Watchtower says it, then it's the truth. If they Watchtower condemns it, then it's not the truth.

Instead of God being the only path to salvation, The Watchtower is a symbol of salvation for JW's just like the 'ark' was in Noah's day. Why is that? Because JW's can see the WT. They can see Elders. They can hear them. They can instantly read magazines that explain God, rather than waiting for God to explain Himself. They can walk in to a Kingdom Hall and see it is very real. To JW's the Watchtower is 'real'. JW's obey what they can see.

For JW's, obeying an organization they can see is exactly the same as obeying God.

Why is this common sense to JW's? Because JW's can't see God and His spirit. They can hear God speak to them but it's soft and not as loud as the WT's voice. It takes lots of practice and faith to trust in a spirit you can't see. What if you're merely imagining voices in your head? Lack of faith leads to confusion. Is it God's voice? Satan's voice? Your own voice?

This is why it's much easier to obey a real organization and representatives of God you can see, feel, hear, and touch than a real God who is an invisible spirit. It's much easier to let your religion tell you what God said, than rely only upon God. It's much easier to make your religion responsible for your salvation, rather than relying only upon an invisible, spiritual God for your salvation.

It was the same in ancient times. Spiritually minded people found it easier to bow down to images rather than worship God directly. Images can be seen, felt, and touched. Images appear 'real' just like the Watchtower does today.

God was not as real for some ancient people just like he's too abstract for people today. He is invisible. Ancient people found it easier to worship images instead. Images could be seen with human eyes. They were real. God is invisible. How can a spirit being be real?

If you're a JW, do you believe God is real? Do you believe His spirit is real? Do you believe God answers prayer? Why then do you unwittingly do something that's forbidden by your God Jehovah? JW's dedicate their lives to the organization! Does Jehovah allow this? Doesn't Jehovah require 'exclusive' devotion?

JW's see no difference. To JW's, obeying the organization is the same as obeying God. Their eyes are blind just like the eyes of idol worshippers in ancient times. The Governing Body, Elders, Kingdom Halls, and their religion is a symbol that represents Jehovah.

Look at it this way. JW's agree that Satan is a false god. He competes with God for loyalty, obedience, and devotion. So does the Watchtower.

The organization is real for JW's. Obeying the Watchtower is common sense for a JW because the Governing Body, the anointed remnant, Elders, and the organization is visible. God is not.

Through religious tradition passed down from generation to generation, JW's have been deceived. The path to salvation does not involve dedicating our life to a religion.

Even though Elders and Kingdom Halls look more real than God's spirit, what we can't see is real. What we can see is not real. The only path to salvation is our personal relationship with God.

Organized To Do God's Will.

This is clever 'theocratic' language that deceives JW's into believing they're working for Jehovah rather than the WT.

We should not be surprised. JW's believe Satan tries to trick them into leaving God. JW's believe Satan wants them to obey him instead of God.

JW's know Satan is deceptive. The Bible says he appears to be an angel of light. The Watchtower appears to be God's light as well. They trick JW's into believing they're working for God when they obey the organization. [1]

The truth is obvious. The Watchtower is not God. And God is not the WT. God does not need a 'tool' or an idol or a representative or an organization to do His will.

God is real! He can speak directly to all 7 billion people on this planet at the same time if he wants to. Jehovah needs the Watchtower as much as he needs a new car.

Think about it this way. If God is real. - If His Spirit is real. - If God answers prayers, - then why do JW's dedicate their lives to their religion and depend upon the Watchtower to answer all their spiritual questions?

Why do JW's look to the Watchtower for spiritual answers if God is real?

If God is real, it's not necessary for JW's to warn their neighbors about what the Watchtower says or what they say or what Jehovah says. The WT, their doctrines, and their interpretations of the Bible appear God-like because they can be seen, but idols are not real gods. There's only one true God. Spiritual people trust in God's spirit, - not in what they can see with their physical eyes.

It's not necessary for JW's to work for the organization and tell the world what Jehovah said. Jehovah can personally communicate with anyone on the planet just like He communicated with Noah before the great flood. God saves people based on their love and what's in their hearts, - not because they don't celebrate Mother's Day and refuse blood transfusions.

The Watchtower needs to see what they've become. They need to stop treating Jehovah like a child. God should be respected. He is all powerful. He doesn't need you or I to warn the world about anything. God's people hear His voice and know His purpose, - not because they heard it from a 'real' organization or representative of God, but because they heard it directly from God and His spirit.

The bottom line truth is this. When JW's let the Watchtower give them spiritual answers, they're running ahead of Jehovah. They're not waiting for Jehovah to speak to them personally. They are not putting all their trust in God.

The Watchtower promotes their own ideas. That's why mistakes are possible. We know this because they have no divine inspiration. [c] This means it's impossible for them to know everything. At best they're right about some things. At the worst, they're wrong about everything. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Questions About Loyalty To The WT.

If you're a JW, are you willing to jeopardize your relationship with God and hopes of eternal life? God is the path to eternal life. Why are you taking chances with your relationship with Jehovah and your future?

You might say, 'Yes, but I don't obey the WT! I only obey Jehovah!'

Yes. It appears to be that way to JW's but it is not. Obedience to Elders is required by the WT. It is not an option like most JW's believe. When we were JW's we thought we obeyed only Jehovah too but were wrong. We were obeying Jehovah AND the organization. Sometimes what Jehovah told us in prayer was not the same as what the Watchtower told us. This troubled us for many years but we ignored these inner conflicts. Later, through observing judicial committee meetings, it became clear that following Watchtower rules is not a matter conscience. Obeying Elders and the Governing Body is required if you want to continue being a JW.

Elders know the truth, but they can't tell you what they know. Read on.

Obedience To Elders.

We know Elders in general are very good people but there are certain things they can't tell you because the Watchtower will not let them. Even so, they want you to obey Jehovah, not them! They care about all JW's. They know that idolatry and obeying humans is forbidden by Jehovah.

Even though Elders would prefer that you obey only Jehovah, they also know that Watchtower rules must be followed. This is a fact. If you do enough research, you'll know we're telling you the truth.

Elders know a Watchtower secret most JW's don't know. And even if JW's know, they refuse to think about it or argue with the Watchtower because of fear.

Elders know that JW's have no choice but to obey Watchtower rules. If they don't, the punishment is private reproof, public reproof, loss of congregation privileges, disfellowshipping, disassociating, shunning, etc.

When we were JW's, we always thought we were free to disagree, but of course we never did. Everyone is afraid they might get disfellowshipped for apostasy.

The truth was we had no clue as to how the Elders do their job and what goes on at judicial committee meetings. We didn't know obedience to Elders was required, even though looking back now in hindsight, it should have been pretty obvious. At the time though it was not. We had done so much for Jehovah and the Watchtower organization, we never dreamed they would turn on us after years of faithful service. [f]

It's still the same today. JW's are not allowed to read information about how the Watchtower enforces the rules. The book for Elders, Shepherd the Flock of God is not available unless you have been appointed to the rank of Elder or higher.

Thus as loyal active JW's, we thought we answered only to Jehovah, - never the WT. We were shocked when we found out it isn't true, even though it shouldn't have been a surprise.

Disagreeing with Elders about Watchtower viewpoints and quoting Bible scriptures from God's Word to support viewpoints Jehovah gave you doesn't work. At judicial committee meetings, JW's quickly discover they obey humans. They obey Jehovah only when what Jehovah says is the same as what Elders say. If Jehovah says anything different than what the Watchtower says, JW's must put the Watchtower first or risk disfellowshipping and shunning.

JW's must 'remain united' and they must 'cooperate fully' with the WT, - even when God through His Holy Spirit tells them something different.

They have two masters and in fact JW's can't put God first. [f] [g]

The Truth About Rebellion Against Jehovah.

The truth is that JW's lose their freedom the moment they say 'yes' to their baptism vows.

The Watchtower says that rebellion against the organization is rebellion against Jehovah. This is a false teaching but it appears true to JW's because of their many years of Watchtower religious programming. The truth is just the opposite!

  1. Obedience to the Watchtower (or any religion for that matter) is rebellion against God!!!

  2. God requires 'exclusive' devotion and wants us to listen to His voice, - not the voice of representatives.

  3. God has no 'representatives' that need to be obeyed. Serving idols and other gods has never been acceptable to Jehovah.

If you're a JW, we know you love God with all your heart. Make a decision that will affect your future. Choose God or choose the Watchtower. You cannot be loyal, devoted, and obedient to both. No one can serve two masters. Jehovah does not allow it. 2 Kings 17:35, 38; Exodus 23:13; Jeremiah 25:6; Deuteronomy 5:7, ...

Being loyal to God and the Watchtower is like being loyal to your wife and your girlfriend. You can't have both.

Your girlfriend is competing with your wife just like the Watchtower is competing with God for your attention, loyalty, and devotion.

References and Important Information For JW's.

a. Even some members of the Governing Body might believe they're doing the right thing because of old religious programming and tradition that goes back many generations.

In fact members of the Governing Body can get disfellowshipped for disagreeing just like all JW's. Raymond Franz is proof of that. He served nine years in that capacity and was disfellowshipped.

In an interview Mr Franz said when he got baptized he dedicated his life to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. His conscience would no longer allow him to continue living a lie. The voice of God became louder than the voice of the Watchtower and God won.

Mr Franz was sincere. He supported Watchtower teachings for 58 years. Like most loyal JW's he didn't know the truth about the organization. He saw nothing wrong with his religion. He was convinced he had the truth. That all changed when he served as a member of the Governing Body. He saw what went on behind closed doors and knew that's not what he signed up for when he dedicated his life to God.

  • False Teachings About The 144,000, the Faithful and Discreet Slave, and the Governing Body

b. The Watchtower requires obedience to Elders and the Governing Body if you want to continue being a JW. Questioning Elders or not listening to them leads to disfellowshipping or disassociation. But don't take our word for it. Read these Watchtower quotes about obedience.

Also if you read the Elder's manual, Shepherd the Flock of God you will see that obedience is not an option. It is a requirement. Most JW's are never called in for a judicial committee meeting so they don't know what goes on behind the scenes. Congregation meetings are all about love, doing the right thing, and exercising your conscience. This gives JW's the illusion they are free. They are free as long as they follow all Watchtower rules, agree with everything, and never question the WT's authority. If they don't, JW's see an entirely different side of the Watchtower they didn't notice before. The Watchtower only cares about JW's who don't make waves. If you refuse to obey Elders or challenge them or quote scriptures to justify your viewpoints, they'll show you the door without blinking an eye. You're no more special than the millions of other JW's they've disfellowshipped. If you can't be used anymore, the Watchtower will toss you into the trash with the rest of us without giving it a second thought. They've done it so many times and ruined so many relationships, that their hearts are callous. They no longer feel the pain JW's feel when their closest friends and family abandon them forever. It doesn't matter how hard you've worked for them or how many years you've been loyal, - you will obey them or your membership in Jehovah's organization will be revoked. Your freedom has always been an illusion. Because the truth is hidden, JW's don't see it. However the Watchtower can't hide the truth from everyone. Some JW's find out the truth. These JW's are the millions who have left the organization.

Don't buy into the false assumption that all JW's who leave are immoral or wicked. The Watchtower would like you to belief that but it's not always true. Many are disfellowshipped because they know too much. The Watchtower protects itself by disfellowshipping JW's who know the truth about the WT. They are afraid. Disfellowshipping is a way to silence those who could expose the darkness that appears as God's light and love.

If you don't believe what we say, take a look at this video. (A member of the 144000 gets disfellowshipped because she noticed a Watchtower error while conducting a Bible study. Decide for yourself if this person is immoral or not and why she was disfellowshipped.)

c. Read these Watchtower quotes about being God's channel of communication. Then read these Watchtower quotes about having no divine inspiration

d. In every religion, teachers, ministers, priests, and rabbi's are honored and respected. Some have honorary titles such as 'Father'. However in the Watchtower religion, Elders are respected, honored, and obeyed. [b] That's the difference. Jehovah would never allow such a thing. He is a jealous God.

Because we were JW's for many years we know you spend a lot of time in prayer to Jehovah. Even today we constantly pray and listen to God's voice. You know that God is perfectly capable of helping you make important decisions as you reach out to Him with love, appreciation, thankfulness, and gratitude. God always answers prayers when we put our complete trust in Him.

You don't need a representative who will speak to God on your behalf just like ancient people didn't need idols to represent God. You also don't need a representative who will interfere with your direct relationship with God and tell you what God requires. They might be wrong about what God wants you to do! God's plan for you might be different than the Society's plan for you.

Even though some doctrines could be wrong, the Watchtower requires 100% loyalty and obedience. Most JW's don't notice this at congregation meetings.

JW's believe they are free and the Watchtower is a tool of Jehovah. The truth is exactly the opposite.

e. By using Jehovah as a tool, a few men in Brooklyn have been able to control millions of JW's.

f. Yes they can and yes they will disfellowship you if you choose to obey only Jehovah and not them. Don't think you've done too much for the organization or are more special than other JW. If they can disfellowship someone who was a member of the Governing Body for nine years, they will have no problem pushing you out the door.

You are disposable. If you can't be used anymore, what good are you to the organization? For the Watchtower the solution to all their problems is simple. Get rid of JW's who know to much and can't be used anymore.

g. Everyone has a direct hotline to Jehovah. God answers prayer and guides each one of us every day. He loves all His people. You are just as worthy and qualified to hear God's voice as the leaders of the WT.

The Watchtower doctrine of the 144,000, faithful and discreet slave, anointed ones, etc. ... serves no useful purpose other than to instill fear in the minds of JW's. You can prove this for yourself. It is a false teaching. They read the same Bible you read and they flush the toilet the same way you do. Acts 5:29; John 4:24; They are humans just like you.

God loves all people who put their trust in Him. God isn't about rules. God isn't about dedication and loyalty to a human organization. God is about love for all people, - regardless of which church they go to!!! Prove this to yourself. Read only the words of Jesus in your Bible over and over again. Jesus will tell you everything that's important about Jehovah. Go to a bookstore and get a Bible written in plain English with the words of Jesus highlighted. Constantly pray for wisdom and understanding. God will reveal His truth to you and the truth will set you free.

Ironically, the day you get disfellowshipped can be one of the happiest, most memorable days of your life if you have the right attitude. It's literally like getting out of jail early instead of serving a life sentence. What a blessing! Now you are free to worship God without any interference. From that day forward it's just you and God. You don't need to answer to anyone else. There's no more need to obey humans any more.

Disfellowshipping gives you the opportunity to make new friends and build new relationships. Some of those relationships can last a lifetime and bring you much comfort.

Most JW's think about how terrible it is to be disfellowshipped instead of how good it feels to be free. Disfellowshipping allows you to draw much closer to God, so that you feel His love in a way you never felt before. It feels great! The key is to focus on the positive instead of the loss. Yes the loss hurts but you can create an amazing life if you celebrate your new freedoms. The biggest gift is the freedom to worship God directly through prayer and meditation. You no longer need to answer to the Watchtower and be loyal to the organization. Now you can love God with ALL your heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Disfellowshipping can make you depressed or it can make you feel like the day you became a parent. You are celebrating a new life. Wow! It all depends on what you choose to think about. The best thing you can do is be thankful, appreciative, and loving towards all. Forgive the Watchtower and any JW's who shun you. They know not what they're doing. Luke 23:34

Thank them for setting you free. Bless them. Think about how wonderful your life will be and your life will be wonderful! God will give you all that you ask for and much more than you expect. Have faith. Put your trust in God like you never did before. He is amazing!!!

h. Revelation It's Grand Climax At Hand!, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, 2006, Chapter 6, 'Unlocking a Sacred Secret', pp 27-32

i. JW's believe Satan is deceptive and tries to to trick them into leaving God. Has the Watchtower tricked JW's into leaving God? They say rebellion against the organization is rebellion against God. That is not true. Obedience to the organization rebellion against God!

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