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Re: Jehovah Vs Jesus. On your page entitled Jehovah, there is a statement that says "primitive people created the god Jehovah". I'm I to understand that you believe that man created God rather than God revealed himself to ancient man. Adam, Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob?

Reply: That's a good question. Please read the article a couple more times and I think you'll understand what the author is saying. God reveals himself to all of us as we reach out to him in prayer and meditation. Our understanding of God has evolved over time. People did not create God in a literal sense. However their understanding of God was different than the God Jesus describes. In this way they created their God Jehovah. In other words their understanding of God was based on what they 'saw' or what was 'revealed' to them. If you read the rules and requirements of Jehovah in the old testament you'll see that God 'the Father' is more focused on love rather than on rules. Jesus says his Father is kind to the wicked and ungrateful and we should not judge. We are to love our enemies and do good to them. Luke 6:27-41. God 'the Father' has a different perspective than the god of Adam, Seth, Noah, Abraham, etc. It's unlikely that God has changed but our understanding of who God really is has changed.

Re: Why JW's Are Happy. Ressurection is right after Armagedon. Here on earth. your understanding is wrong.

Re: Why JW's Are Happy. I believe in resurection too but I'm not a JW. I believe that all people on earth are resurrected to a spirit form after death and are joined automatically with all their loved ones who have died before them. As a JW you have to wait until after Armagedon comes, then wait until after the 1000 years of world cleanup is done and only then would you be resurrected on the earth once again as a human again. I don't see how that would be the least bit comforting to anyone who is dying, recently bereaved, or even something to look forward to. What is there to look forward to here? How is this supposed to bring happy feelings, really?

Re: Why JW's Are Happy.I am a wittness and as wittnsis we belive in resurection so this is the main reason we are happy.

Re: The 2010 Rules. the comments made here are inaccurate and misleading, and we are sorry you don't know us. our god, jehovah, and this is his name, is a very loving and protecting god not one of vengence and wrath. If you truly knew him you would know this. Open up your mind and heart to the bible's teachings and the truth will definitly set you free. we are here by choice and our choice alone and we are happy living by jehovah's standards. we still have free will to make choices. if you expect to live under god's law in the future, shouldn't you practice doing it now? Most people don't want to leave this world and its pleasures behind, but you may have to do just that. Can you? We have no trouble doing so, nor will we in the future. There is no cult here, and our elders have double responsiblities for themselves, their family, and our souls. Its a heavy load, so we help out. we don't fear them. you have things all backwards. I am writing this as a witness to you all even if i don't know who will read it. people must understand like any clergy we must adhere to god's principles not man's. We remember Jesus who also served his father, if you really read the written word you would know that. there is no guarantee who will gain paradise, but those who do won't be sorry. May Jehovah be with you all.

Re: Blood Transfusions. The blood transfusion issue is over. Jehovah's witnesses are now proved correct. Even the US military gave 14 million for their doctors to be trained in bloodless medicine. It goes to show, following Gods rules is always to your benefit. Even when everyone else is going against your stand, live for God not men. Time for the courts to pay up for their wrong court decisions. Time for justice! Time for people to wake up and see the proven truth!

Re: Watchtower Apostates. I was raised as a jw, and baptized at age 17. At the age of about 27 I stoped going to meetings, then 2 years ago at age 36 got disfellowship for devorcing my wife without 'scriptual grounds'.... Such bullsXXt! I'm sure this site discourages hate, but I TRUELY HATE THE JW CULT, and everything associated with it, it fuXXXd up my life, took away my family, and has left me aimlessly looking for unswers. Please, if anyone can help me control this rage, and help me help free my family, I would love to hear from you.

Re: 141 Rules. these rules are mostly against Bible Principle. why then would we want to do things that are against GOD! if you have unprotected sex you risk getting AIDS. why then would i disrespect anyone using protection. we dont do those things because we follow what God tells us what we must do if we want to inherit the earth and live in peace. We are proud to follow the Bible.

Re: 141 Rules. My family members have been in the truth jehovah witnesses for over 20 years all there kids are to im not my husband is catholic and I just went camping with them they love us and treat us same we r family they don't hurt any body and in fact they encourage you to use any bible of your choice to cross reference as I have other family members who study I do not but they don't hold it against me.

Re: 141 Rules. Its obvious too me that the writer of this blog does not know Jehovah's Witness's and their God at all, just reading what has been said about Jehovah's Withesses in this blog indicates too me that this person has never made a concious effort too understand Jehovah's people or their beliefs.... The rules as you put it are not actually rules, what Jehovah's Witnesses endeavour too do is live their lives in peace and harmony according too the bible which is God's word. and so there are no hard and fast rules as too what too wear too the kingdom hall....When a person realizes that they are representing Jehovah God it is a concious decision of the person that makes the change...Its respect!! To give you an example, you would not go before the President of the USA or the Queen of England in a pair of Jeans, it shows disrespect... So when a person is representing the Most High God Jehovah they do it with much respect!

Re: 141 Rules. Some of these are not correct : # Wear blue jeans, shorts, and casual clothing at the Kingdom Hall# Wear pants at a Kingdom Hall if you're a woman Breaking an engagement can result in disciplinary action and most all of the rest are against bible principles or commandments from Jehovah. Why participate in holidays that are to worship false god's?