Spiritual Healing.

  • How to break free from emotional pain
  • How to escape from thoughts that control us
  • Why we can leave a religion and still be caught in a religious trap

The Power Of Love.

The best way to heal from your experience as a Jehovah's Witness is to accept where you came from. Love your former religion. Thank the friends you left behind for the good times and happy memories. Love yourself and move on. Most people focus on their loss, rather than on how good it feels to be free.

Don't judge your former religious trap negatively. When you do this, the trap controls your emotions. Just accept what is. Stress and unhappiness starts when we try to control something we can't control.

If you decide to hate your former religion and the people who are now shunning you, you're giving away your power. As long as you harbor angry, they are controlling you. Why? Because here's what you're saying when you're angry with someone. You're saying, 'I can't be happy because you have rejected me.' No one can reject you, unless you reject yourself first. Don't let others put you in a bad mood. If you allow this, you are letting them control how you feel.

As long as you feel bad or you're upset with your experience with the JW's, you're still in the religious trap. They are still controlling you even though you may be disassociated or disfellowshipped. It doesn't matter. Some JW's stay in their religious trap for decades after they leave. Some go back to the organization after being disfellowshipped, but the truth is they never left. They were still in the religious trap.

The only way to escape is not disfellowshipping or a letter of resignation. The only way to escape is to love those who reject you, accept what is, and move on. When your religion can no longer invoke negative emotions, you are free. You are in control.

Take responsibility for your own happiness. Don't let other people or an organization make you feel bad and rob your energy. The way to do that is to love people who hate you just like Jesus did. Luke 6:27. Love is the key to happiness.

Don't regret the time you spent in that religion. Love your former friends even though it's difficult. Wish them well and say good bye. Don't let them control what you believe and how you feel. Take back your power and treasure your personal relationship with God without a middle man. Now it's just you and God. He is always by your side.

Once your mind is no longer trapped in beliefs that cause you pain, you can see the organization more objectively for what it is and bless other people as you have been blessed.