The Truth About Satan And God.

The Truth About God And Satan.

When we don't accept God's love, it doesn't matter how much he cares for us. If we can't see his compassion, we are in spiritual darkness.

In that dark place we are isolated, alone, angry, afraid, sad, and unloved.

When we reach out to God, he pours his love upon us.

We can choose to live without God in darkness, or with God in the light where there's nothing to fear.

Love is all their is. It is real. The absence of God is darkness and the place where Satan lives.

We get to decide. We can turn on the lights and accept God. Or we can live in spiritual darkness without God's love, isolated from the source of life. His love is always available to those who reach out to him. All we need to do is come into the light of God and accept his love.

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