The Unfaithful Slave. Matthew 24:48-51.

The Unfaithful Slave.

The unfaithful slave or 'servant' beats other slaves of the master and drinks with drunkards. Who is the unfaithful slave Jesus talked about in Matthew 24:48-51?

  • Is the slave sober?
  • Is the slave thinking straight?

Who Is God's Unfaithful and Discreet Slave?

The Watchtower says they are God's 'faithful and discreet slave' that Jesus referred to in the Bible. However in the same parable Jesus exposed 'the unfaithful slave'.

Jesus says that the 'unfaithful slave' beats other slaves of the master and 'drinks with drunkards'. Matthew 24:48-51;

'Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.' 2 Cor 11:14

1. The Unfaithful Slave Beats Fellow Slaves. Matthew 24:48-51

The unfaithful servant beats other slaves of the master. As you read the following articles, notice with hatred, judgment, and predictions of God's wrath upon everyone except JW's.

Since 1925 the Watchtower has been giving JW's only two choices

  • God's Organization (the WT)
  • Satan's Organization (everyone else) [1]

Is the slave faithful? Or have they been beating other servants of God?

2. God's Unfaithful Slave Drinks With Drunkards. Matthew 24:48-51

Drunkards can be disrespectful to people who are sober. What they say isn't worth listening to unless you're drunk as well. Drunkards are in denial that there's anything wrong with them. They always blame the world for their problems. They don't take responsibility. It's never their fault. Some drunkards are abusive. They don't understand how they're hurting and damaging the people they claim to love. Everyone notices they're drunk except the drunkards.

Consider the following evidence and all articles. Then decide for yourself. Is God's slave sober? Or are they PUI? (Preaching Under the Influence).

  1. WT Quotes: Who Is The Faithful and Discreet Slave?
  2. False Teachings About The 144,000
  3. Only JW's are expected to survive the End of the World in 1975
  4. Watchtower Predictions
  5. Blood Transfusions
  6. Videos: Leaving the Watchtower (High ranking JW's testify.)

1. God created the entire world. Everyone and everything is His organization. However all people are tempted to leave God's love and be unkind. JW's are constantly reminded to resist Satan. Why is that? Because Satan exists in the Watchtower religion just like he exists in every religion. People can choose to be loving like God or they can choose to be unkind like Satan. Religion has nothing to do with it. There are countless organizations, not just two. JW's and the Governing Body of JW's are not immune from the temptations of Satan. Even Jesus was tempted by Satan.

The doctrine of God's organization vs Satan's organization is not true. However it has served a purpose.

Some JW's secretly disagree with what the Watchtower teaches but they will not leave. They believe there is no where else to go. Their minds have been programmed to believe there are only two choices, the Watchtower with all it's flaws, or Satan's organization, - everyone else.