Criticism Of The 141 Rules.

For some, who were born into the religion or joined decades ago, the rules are not rules at all. The rules are a way of life. They are not looked upon as restrictions. Happy Jehovah's Witnesses like living by these rules and view them as a personal choice, rather than things they 'can't do'.

Most Jehovah's Witness who are happy with their religion don't feel they're being forced to follow any rules whatsoever. From their perspective, they believe they are free to do whatever they want. i.e. They believe they are following God's word. Therefore they believe they are living their life in alignment with what God requires.

JW's believe they are following their conscience, not rules. They believe that their doctrines are just plain 'common sense' because they're based on the Bible. They don't believe that the organization restricts their freedom or dictates what they must believe. They don't believe that the organization says they 'can't' do things or there are a large number of unreasonable rules. The rules make sense to Jehovah's Witnesses and they don't feel like rules because it's a way of life they're happy with. They believe they are living their life based on their Bible trained conscience and the organization merely helps them to understand the Bible.

Instead of listening to former Jehovah's Witnesses (affectionately called 'apostates') Jehovah's Witnesses encourage people to ask them questions and to attend Kingdom Hall services to get the facts and the truth.