144,000 Vs The Great Crowd.

According to the teachings of the organization, only 144000 'anointed' ones go to heaven to rule with Jesus for a thousand years after armageddon. Everyone else, - millions of JW's believe they will live forever on a paradise earth if they are faithful to Jehovah and 'His organization', until the end. i.e. until they die or until the day of armageddon, whichever comes first.

New Light On The Anointed Christians Vs The Great Crowd.

Has the 'truth' changed? Why is the importance of the anointed remnant downplayed in recent years?

Watchtower now says 'Christians who have truly received this anointing do not demand special attention. They do not believe that their being of the anointed gives them special insights beyond what even some experienced members of the “great crowd” may have. (Rev. 7:9) They do not believe that they necessarily have more holy spirit than their companions of the “other sheep” have.' (Watchtower June 15, 2009 pages 23, 24)

The anointed Christians were very important a few years ago. Jehovah's Witnesses believed that the anointed ones were God's slave. Find out why members of the 144,000 are no longer as special as they were a few years ago. See The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. Are They Anointed?

  • The 144,000
  • The 144,000 Scam
  • Helen Ortega was one of the 144,000. She got disfellowshipped in the early 1990's. She left when she accidentally discovered a false Watchtower teaching during a Bible Study she was conducting. Look for her name along with "John Ankerberg Show" and "Jehovah's Witnesses", etc. on YouTube and Google

Other spellings for 'anointed': annoited, anoited, anointed, annointed.


Who Is 'The Faithful and Discreet Slave'?

JW's are told they must obey God's 'faithful and discreet slave'. What is the truth?