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As someone who was an elder, Bethelite, pioneer and served in South America, I'm sure all ex-jw's will relate to the strains and challenges in ABOVE THE UNIVERSE BELOW. I wanted to write a book that, among other things, could be read by anyone, not just ex-JW's. This story spotlights the shunning and isolation that many of us with family in the Jehovah's Witnesses face. However, it also gives hope. It shows that we can all pick up the pieces of our lives, no matter how fractured. We can find and create beauty. It also urges each of us to aggressively make and find our own "family" and to cherish and give them the unconditional love we didn't have. I hope readers enjoy ABOVE THE UNIVERSE BELOW and realize that they aren't alone. They never were.

Best regards,
Elias Barton


Former JW, Chooses Love Instead Of Bitterness:

'I've bookmarked your site and read a little each day (I can't do it all at once as it is quite emotional). What I like about your site is the fact that it is so positive - there are so many you tube clips where ex jw's are so bitter! I can totally understand why they are bitter and I feel for them but being bitter just hurts yourself doesn't it. ... Slowly I'm re-building my faith and it's quite a journey of discovery. Oh and I loved the rainbow video too - also the way he says rainnn-bo made me chuckle.'

Question About The 141 Rules:
I have been surfing internet forums. Your website is really helpful. Thank you. I guess the Watchtower keeps everyone confused as a “control” tactic, but I really need to know the consequences of all the JW “rules”. Are there no straight answers anywhere? Somewhere I found a list of 141 rules, but I can’t find which ones are imperative, which ones loose guidelines, and which ones conscience matters?? Read more >>>

New Article: Moral Questions. Convincing Jehovah's Witnesses They Are Wrong This is an email we received that's very well written on the subject of showing JW's they're wrong and helping them to leave. We hope you enjoy this.

I think I just read your whole website and all I want to say is "thank you".

Me and my wife live on XXXXXXX and we have bible study two times per
week for more than one year!

I´m very grateful to the JW´s to let God into my live, because before
my wife and I were total atheists!

Jehovah has become a very important in my life!

However, I always felt there was something wrong about being a Jw,
and now by reading your website it has become clear to me that I will
never become a JW!

No bad words about JW, because their teachings for me are still more
acceptable than the Catholic Church. It´s just that the Watchtower
itself is the problem and by reading your website I finally could
place my thoughts in the right order!

I have had frequent visits from a Jehovah's witness once a week, and thought that what they were preaching was indeed 'the truth'. But after extensive research and stumbling across this fine website, I will not join their organisation and have a few words to say next time they visit!! They are poisonous!!

Thanks again and keep up the fine work.

I am a graduate student taking a Medical Law class. I am writing about cultural and religious reasons for refusing medical treatment. I see that the Jehovah's Witnesses refuse it because of what is written in the Bible. First off, may I refer to God as God, or do the witnesses refer to him as something else? I do not want to offend anyone of that religion. Secondly, can you provide me with any more reasons for this believe? Finally, after skimming your website,I am intrigued. Although I myself am a Baptist, I greatly appreciate the work you are doing and would be interested in learning more.

God bless this webpage! Jesus Is the Messiah!!