241 Things Jehovah's Witnesses Believe.

List Of Things Jehovah's Witnesses Believe.

  1. JW's are 'in the truth'
  2. JW's the only 'true Christians'
  3. There is only one true God, Jehovah
  4. Jehovah is God's real name
  5. The trinity is a false doctrine
  6. Non believers are 'out of the truth'
  7. The Watchtower is the only true religion
  8. The Watchtower explains what the Bible really teaches
  9. JW's believe everything the organization says is Bible based
  10. Independent Bible reading leads to spiritual darkness
  11. 'Hell' is the common grave
  12. Jesus was a perfect man
  13. Jesus was born again
  14. Jesus is not God
  15. Jesus must not be worshipped
  16. Only Jehovah is to be worshipped
  17. Jesus is God's son
  18. Jesus is the archangel Michael
  19. Jehovah used Jesus to create all things
  20. Jesus began ruling the earth invisibly in 1914
  21. Jehovah hates wickedness
  22. Satan is a real 'fallen' angel
  23. Satan has a following of evil 'demon' angels
  24. Satan is tempting JW's to leave Jehovah
  25. The entire world (everyone who is not a JW) is dominated by Satan
  26. There are only two organizations. Satan's organization and God's organization.
  27. JW's believe Jehovah cannot communicate directly with people
  28. JW's believe Jehovah only communicates through the Bible and the Governing Body of JW's
  29. JW's believe the organization is God's channel of communication
  30. JW's believe they are God's 'spirit directed organization'
  31. The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses is 'God's slave'
  32. The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses must be obeyed
  33. JW's believe they must be 'submissive' and obey Elders
  34. JW's can't disrespect authority
  35. JW's can't have 'contempt' for 'divine standards' and laws
  36. JW's believe 'physical uncleanness brings reproach upon Jehovah's name'
  37. Communication with spirits is forbidden by Jehovah
  38. The dead are conscious of nothing at all
  39. The soul dies at death and ceases to exist
  40. Evil spirits pretend to be dead people. This fools people to believe in false religions
  41. Christendom took the name Jehovah out of the Bible
  42. They put the name Jehovah back into the Bible
  43. Only 144,000 people go to heaven to rule the earth with Jesus
  44. People who think they belong to the 144,000 may be wrong about their 'heavenly hope'
  45. Only 144000 people have a relationship with Jesus
  46. Only members of the 144,000 can partake of communion
  47. The memorial of Christ's death should be celebrated once per year
  48. Most of the 144,000 have already died
  49. Only an 'anointed remnant' of the 144,000 remains alive on earth
  50. The anointed remnant is getting smaller every year as members of the 144,000 die
  51. Even if a JW belongs to the 144,000, they must obey their Governing Body
  52. Obeying God's organization is the same as obeying Jehovah
  53. Rebellion against God's slave is rebellion against Jehovah
  54. JW's must obey the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses to survive Armageddon
  55. Armageddon is necessary to cleanse the earth of wicked people who don't obey Jehovah
  56. Only Jehovah's Witnesses have any scriptural hope of surviving Armageddon
  57. Only people who call upon the name of Jehovah will survive Armageddon
  58. We are living in the time of the end and Armageddon is 'right around the corner'
  59. False religions and their followers will not survive Armageddon
  60. Just like in the days of Noah, only a few will survive Armageddon
  61. Everyone who is executed by Jehovah at Armageddon will die a horrible death
  62. Everyone who is executed by Jehovah at Armageddon will have no hope of a resurrection
  63. Everyone who dies before Armageddon will be resurrected to life on a paradise earth (except the 144,000)
  64. Everyone who is resurrected to life on a paradise earth will have 1000 years to learn Jehovah's ways
  65. It will take 1000 years after Armageddon for people to reach perfection
  66. In paradise, as long as perfect people keep Jehovah's laws they will live forever
  67. On paradise earth there will be no pain, suffering, mourning, or death
  68. There will be no wickedness in paradise because Satan won't be able to tempt people
  69. Anyone who disagrees with Watchtower teachings is a false teacher
  70. JW's who break Jehovah's rules and do not repent must be disfellowshipped
  71. Disfellowshipping (excommunication) keeps Jehovah's organization clean
  72. Everyone who leaves is an apostate
  73. JW's believe apostates are wicked, non repentant sinners
  74. JW's believe apostates are 'mentally diseased'
  75. JW's believe all apostates are liars and have nothing of value to say
  76. Apostates must be shunned to pressure them into returning to God's organization
  77. It is God's command not associated with apostates
  78. It is God's command not to say a greeting to apostates
  79. Jesus brought a sword to divide families and end friendships
  80. JW's believe they must end relationships with JW's who leave because it's a test of loyalty
  81. Hiding the truth to make God's organization look good is Bible Based
  82. Lying or misrepresenting the truth to make God's organization look good is Bible based
  83. Having a blood transfusion to save a life is the same as eating blood
  84. Jehovah does allow his people to eat blood
  85. Abstaining from blood is a test of loyalty to Jehovah
  86. It is better to die than break Jehovah's laws
  87. Those who try to save their life will lose it
  88. Those who remain loyal to Jehovah will receive eternal life
  89. JW's are not allowed to steal
  90. JW's are not allowed to bear false witness
  91. JW's are not allowed to commit fraud
  92. JW's are not allowed to slander
  93. JW's are not allowed to use insulting or obscene language
  94. JW's must provide for their family
  95. JW's are not allowed to have fits of anger
  96. JW's are not allowed to be lazy
  97. JW's are not allowed to 'get involved with matters that don't concern them'
  98. JW's can't believe in luck (good luck or bad luck)
  99. JW's can't say 'good luck'
  100. JW's can't say 'God Bless you'
  101. JW's can't believe in superstition
  102. Prayers of non believers are not valid if they don't pray to Jehovah
  103. JW's can't visit or attend other churches even if it's for a class
  104. JW's can't attend social events or fund raisers sponsored by a church
  105. JW's can't celebrate Mother's Day
  106. JW's can't celebrate Father's Day
  107. JW's can't celebrate Christmas
  108. JW's can't celebrate New Years Eve
  109. JW's can't celebrate New Years Day
  110. JW's can't celebrate Martin Luther King Day
  111. JW's can't celebrate President's Day
  112. JW's can't celebrate Valentine's Day
  113. JW's can't celebrate St Patrick's Day
  114. JW's can't celebrate Good Friday
  115. JW's can't celebrate Easter Monday
  116. JW's can't celebrate Easter
  117. JW's can't celebrate Memorial Day
  118. JW's can't celebrate Flag Day
  119. JW's can't celebrate Independence Day
  120. JW's can't celebrate Labor Day
  121. JW's can't celebrate Remembrance Day
  122. JW's can't celebrate Columbus Day
  123. JW's can't celebrate Halloween
  124. JW's can't celebrate Thanksgiving Day
  125. JW's can't celebrate Christmas
  126. JW's can't sing holiday songs
  127. JW's can't attend holiday parties
  128. JW's can't make holiday artwork in school
  129. JW's can't be class presidents or get involved in unnecessary after school activities
  130. JW's can't celebrate any religious holidays
  131. JW's believe the only approved religious holiday is the memorial of Christ's death
  132. JW's can't celebrate any political holidays
  133. JW's can't talk about politics
  134. JW's must be politically neutral
  135. JW's can't vote
  136. JW's can't visit other churches
  137. JW's can't celebrate birthdays
  138. JW's can't be superstitious
  139. JW's can't be obsessed with the pursuit of pleasure
  140. JW's can't have serious and lingering doubts about Watchtower doctrines
  141. JW's can't neglect association at congregation meetings
  142. JW's can't be 'overly critical of Elders and the organization''
  143. Jehovah requires JW's to be like minded and to speak in agreement
  144. JW's believe unity of beliefs is more important than having correct beliefs
  145. JW's believe they must never 'run ahead of Jehovah' (i.e. engage in independent thinking)
  146. JW's believe that if some beliefs are wrong, Jehovah will eventually reveal 'new light'
  147. Friendship with non believers is 'bad associations'
  148. Friendship with non believers will weaken their faith
  149. JW's can't salute the flag of their country
  150. JW's can't sing the national anthem
  151. JW's can't say the pledge of allegiance
  152. JW's can't carry a gun if it might be used to kill humans
  153. JW's can't go to war
  154. JW's can't wear military uniforms or similar clothing
  155. JW's must wear 'modest clothing'
  156. A woman's role is to be submissive to men
  157. Women are not equipped for leadership roles
  158. JW's believe they should not compete with others
  159. JW's can't donate to a charity run by a church
  160. JW's can't buy anything from a church or church charity
  161. JW's can't work for another church
  162. JW's can't be a member of the YMCA
  163. JW's can't do yoga
  164. JW's can't play competitive sports
  165. JW's can't be a cheerleader
  166. JW's don't believe it's right to go to school dances or the prom
  167. JW's believe it's wrong to go to class reunions
  168. JW's believe they must remain socially isolated and be no part of the world
  169. JW's can't agree to be hypnotized
  170. JW's can't get involved with the boy scouts
  171. JW's can't get involved with the girl scouts
  172. JW's believe information from the organization is all they need
  173. JW's can't consider viewpoints contrary to what the organization teaches
  174. JW's believe that the purpose of dating is to get married
  175. JW's believe it's wrong to date without being 'marriage minded'
  176. JW's believe it's wrong to have sex before marriage
  177. JW's believe they must marry only baptized JW's
  178. JW's can't be gay or lesbian. Homosexuality is not allowed
  179. JW's can't do oral or anal sex even with their spouse
  180. JW's must throw rice at weddings
  181. JW's cannot remarry even if they're divorced, unless their ex commits fornication first
  182. JW's can't toast drinks
  183. JW's can't buy a raffle ticket
  184. JW's can't play bingo
  185. JW's can't gamble
  186. JW's can't smoke
  187. JW's can't work in the tobacco industry
  188. JW's can drink alcohol in moderation
  189. JW's believe sexual desires are immoral except if they're directed towards their spouse
  190. JW's believe bad language reflects badly upon Jehovah and the organization
  191. JW's believe they must dress up to worship Jehovah
  192. JW's can't wear casual or immodest clothing at Kingdom Halls or when preaching
  193. JW's believe women can't wear pants when worshipping Jehovah
  194. JW's believe they can't do anything to 'stumble' non believers and other JW's
  195. JW's believe they must be well groomed
  196. JW's don't believe in having tattoos or piercing's
  197. JW's believe they can't memorize prayers
  198. JW's believe they can't say prayers repetitiously
  199. JW's believe it's wrong to take another JW to court (with exceptions)
  200. JW's believe Jesus died on a 'torture stake', not a cross
  201. JW's believe the cross is a symbol of false worship
  202. JW's can't own a cross, religious symbols, or pictures
  203. JW's can't get involved with psychics
  204. JW's can't get involved with witchcraft
  205. JW's can't get involved with spiritism
  206. JW's can't get involved with numerology
  207. JW's can't get involved with astrology
  208. JW's can't get involved with tarot cards
  209. JW's can't get involved with magic
  210. JW's can't get involved with ESP
  211. JW's can't get involved with divination or dowsing
  212. JW's can't attend a seance
  213. JW's can't speak in tongues
  214. JW's are not given the gift of prophecy
  215. JW's believe the organization is God's prophet
  216. JW's can't do laying on of hands for spiritual healing
  217. JW's can't do energy work such as Reiki
  218. JW's can't read their horoscope
  219. JW's can't train for boxing, martial arts, combat, or fighting
  220. JW's can't idolize celebrities or treat certain people more special than others
  221. JW's can't honor humans to excess
  222. JW women cannot be Elders
  223. JW women cannot be ministerial servants (assistants to Elders)
  224. JW's believe the book for Elders that contains the official rules is 'non of their business' & that's why they are not allowed to read it
  225. JW women cannot teach in the presence of a baptized man without a head covering
  226. JW women cannot pray in the presence of a baptized man without a head covering
  227. JW's can't flirt
  228. JW's can't watch porn
  229. JW's must avoid sexual fantasies
  230. JW's can't do sexually suggestive dancing
  231. JW's can't listen to sexually suggestive music
  232. JW's must reject entertainment that violates Jehovah's moral standards
  233. JW's can't visit websites that aren't approved by the organization
  234. JW's can't think like people outside of their religion
  235. JW's believe they must 'earn' eternal life. They must keep their 'eyes on the prize'
  236. JW's believe salvation at Armageddon is dependent upon 'works', not God's grace
  237. JW's believe their organization is 'theocratic' (run by God through his representatives)
  238. JW's believe they can't worship Jehovah and wear tight pants
  239. JW's believe it's wrong to keep secrets from the organization
  240. JW's believe they are not a cult
  241. JW's believe their religion sets them free from bondage to false religion

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