Abstain From Blood.

If you're a JW and need blood, this information will give you clarity. It will help you decide what's best for you. Read it with an open mind. Read it several times. Then pray to Jehovah. God answers prayer. He will guide you in the way you should go.

JW's believe they have the truth because everything they teach is in the Bible. So let's see what the Bible says about blood.

Does the Bible Say I Can't Have A Blood Transfusion?

The Bible is silent on blood transfusions because this technology didn't exist when the Bible is written. Therefore any prohibitions on having blood transfusions is adding to the words of Jesus.

The Bible says that anyone who runs ahead of Jesus does not have God. 2 John 1:9

If refusing blood transfusions is not in the Bible, why does the organization require obedience to this rule?

Why Does The Bible Say, 'Abstain From Blood'?

It's impossible for humans to live without blood. Therefore we can't 'abstain from blood'.

There is only one way to abstain from blood that makes sense. Which one is it? [7]

  1. Don't eat blood
  2. Don't have any blood in your body

What is the only logical interpretation of what the Bible means when it says 'abstain from blood'?

Abstaining from blood can't mean draining all the blood out of your body. Jehovah doesn't want you to die immediately after you're born. [8]

Therefore when the Bible says, 'abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals', [Acts 15:29] it can only mean one thing. We should avoid eating it. [9]

What Is The Difference Between Eating Blood And Having A Transfusion?

There is a difference between having a blood transfusion and eating a blood sausage for lunch.

There is a difference between eating blood on a regular basis and having a blood transfusion in the very rare event one is needed to save a life.

There is a difference between breaking Jehovah's laws every day and breaking His laws when necessary to save the life of a human or animal.

Eating Blood Vs Blood Transfusions. Why It's Not The Same Thing.

A blood transfusion does not put blood in your body the same way eating it does. Before a food goes into your blood stream it must be digested first.

That's why people who eat blood are not concerned about what blood type they're eating. The blood doesn't directly go in their blood stream. It's processed first.

Water and pure alcohol are exceptions to the rule, not the norm. These beverages have a direct path into your blood. Therefore the organization is correct. If a doctor tells you to abstain from alcohol you should not inject it into your veins.

What the organization doesn't tell you is the obvious. Injecting alcohol into your veins is not the same as injecting blood. One is reckless and disrespects the sacredness of life. There is no good reason to inject alcohol into your veins. The other is a proven medical procedure that attempts to preserve and honor the gift of life God gave us. [1] [2]

Is the organization thinking straight? Why don't other religions and students of the Bible teach what Jehovah's Witnesses teach? Who has 'the truth' and who is spiritually drunk?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but refusing blood transfusions is a serious matter. If you're a JW and need a transfusion, your life depends upon what you decide.

Jesus Broke Jehovah's Law To Heal the Sick.

Jesus brought with him a new understanding that made the law of Moses unnecessary.

  • The Pharisees criticized Jesus for healing people on the Sabbath. Working on the Sabbath was a violation of God's law to Moses. It was punishable by death. Jesus saw nothing wrong with doing good deeds on the Sabbath. Luke 13:14-17 The same principle Jesus taught us could be applied to blood transfusions.

Even the law abiding Pharisees broke the Sabbath law in life or death emergency situations, - or to be humane. Luke 13:14-17

What Did Jesus Say?

Jesus did not teach disrespect for life. He healed the sick on the Sabbath even when there was no emergency.

The Bible says Jesus resurrected Lazarus from the dead. Read about Christ's compassion. Jesus wept. Those who respect human life and try to save it like Jesus did, are following the example of Christ. John 11:1-44; Luke 10:25-37

Sometimes less is more. Jesus taught us that we don't need the Mosaic law to please God. All we need is the compassion of Christ. He has the words of eternal life. John 6:67,68.

Blood Transfusions. What Are The Risks?

Yes there is a risk of blood being contaminated, but the risk of dying is far greater than the risk of catching a disease. Precautions are taken to prevent this from happening.

Everything in life is a risk.

Good Advice For Jehovah's Witnesses.

There is a big difference between eating blood every day as part of your diet and having a blood transfusion to save a life.

Refusing blood transfusions is the rare event one is need to save a life is not the same as eating it for lunch every day.

The law was not meant to harm people. It was meant to bless them.

Let's use some common sense here. Rules are always meant to be broken in life or death situations. Jehovah is not a monster.

Jesus broke God's Sabbath law to heal people even when it wasn't an emergency. Breaking the Sabbath law was punishable by death.

According to Jesus, 'The Sabbath was made to meet the needs of people, and not people to meet the requirements of the Sabbath.' Mark 2:27

Therefore Jehovah's law on not eating blood was made for the needs of the people and not the people for requirements of the law.

Jesus was not punished by Jehovah when he broke the Sabbath law to heal the sick. Jesus is the path to eternal life. Why would Jehovah punish JW's? It's not a sin to follow Christ and His example.

When it comes to refusing blood transfusions, JW's have two choices. Obey the organization. Or put God first and live.

Notes and Things To Consider If You're A JW.

1. The organization says this, 'Some argue that this God-given restriction applies only to the eating of blood, but the word “abstain” speaks for itself. If a doctor told us to abstain from alcohol, we would hardly feel at liberty to inject it into our veins.' [Awake Magazine, August 6, 2006, Article: 'The Real Value of Blood', Subtitle: 'Our Creator and Blood', par 2]

2. If a doctor tells you to avoid eating blood, he doesn't mean you should refuse a blood transfusion if you need one. Rules are meant to be broken in life or death situations.

What if your doctor tells you to drink milk because it's good for you? If you don't like the taste of milk, should you inject it into your veins? If your doctor tells you olive oil is healthy. Does this mean you should inject it directly into your veins? What about orange juice, soda, and coffee?

Alcohol comes in a bottle so you can pour it into a glass. It doesn't come with a hypodermic needle. Alcohol is not blood and blood is not alcohol. They belong in two different places, just like oil belongs in your car's engine and gasoline belongs in the fuel tank. You don't want to get these two mixed up.

Eating blood and putting it into your veins is not the same thing. If you develop a leak or your blood cannot sustain life, don't substitute with alcohol or tomato sauce. Insist that your doctor uses real blood, even if you love alcohol and tomatoes. And above all, don't try doing blood transfusions at home with fluids in your refrigerator. That's just plain crazy.

We make fun of these things to shock JW's into thinking differently. Seriously. Who in their right mind would inject alcohol into their veins? Who would even think of such a thing?

The argument that injecting alcohol into your veins is the same as drinking it, is flawed. It doesn't prove that eating blood is the same as having a blood transfusion. [Awake Magazine, August 6, 2006, Article: 'The Real Value of Blood', Subtitle: 'Our Creator and Blood', par 2]

The Bible has it right. Wine and food belongs in your stomach. And blood belongs in your veins.

And remember, just because wine is red, doesn't mean it's a blood substitute. Injecting wine into your veins is just as risky as injecting irish cream, bloody mary's, and other forms of alcohol. Blood belongs in your veins, not alcohol. And having a blood transfusion is not the same as eating blood.

Is the organization thinking straight? Why don't other students of the Bible teach what they teach? Who has 'the truth' and who is spiritually drunk?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but refusing blood transfusions is a serious matter. If you're a JW and need a transfusion, your life depends upon what you decide. Consider what Jesus said about the unfaithful slave

3. Years after Jesus died, there was a question as to whether Christ required his followers to keep the ancient laws of Moses. The Bible talks of 'certain men' teaching the brothers, that without the rules of Moses there is no salvation. Acts 15:1. These men may have been Pharisees because in Acts 15:5 it says that 'some of the Pharisees, who where of faith' said it was necessary to keep the law of Moses.

After much discussion, the Apostles and Pharisees, decided that most of the laws of Moses were not required. However Christians should 'keep from things offered to false gods, and from blood, and from things put to death in ways which are against the law, and from the evil desires of the body'. Acts 15:29. It's best to read the entire chapter to get a clear understanding of what was happening in the early Christian congregation. Some translations of the Bible say 'abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood'

Interestingly the Bible seems to imply that Christians didn't feel the need to keep the law. However the Pharisees who became followers after Jesus died disagreed. They were teaching that the law of Moses was required for salvation. This is not a big surprise since the Pharisees were big on keeping the law of Moses. Jesus and the Pharisees butted heads on many occasions. Jesus warned his followers about the leaven of the Pharisees. Mark 8:15

In Acts 15:11 Peter says 'we have faith that we will get salvation through the grace of the Lord Jesus' indicating that working for salvation by keeping the law was not required by Jesus. However in the end, to keep everyone happy, concessions were made and one of them was that Christians should abstain from blood.

True Christians would not consider decisions made years after Jesus died as binding, - especially doctrines decided upon by the disciples, the Apostles, and the Pharisees. True Christians do not follow the Apostles, the Pharisees, or the early Christian congregation. Jesus is a Christian's only authority. Matthew 28:18. If Jesus didn't say it, then it's not a requirement for salvation.

The fact that followers of Jesus and Pharisees had to make a decision on whether keeping the law or part of it was required for salvation tells us that Jesus did not require obedience to the law. It was the Pharisees who believed the law was a requirement. That being said, Jesus may have kept some of the traditions and holidays the Jews celebrated. There is no indications that he didn't. However his focus was teaching God's love. We are saved by the grace of God. Eternal life is a gift. One cannot earn everlasting life by keeping strict rules and regulations.

4. Why Can't Jehovah's Witnesses Take Blood?

Jehovah's Witnesses can't have blood transfusions because they have been told for decades that it's wrong. They do no not want to break Jehovah's law. They believe that if they try to save their life by breaking God's law, they may lose out on everlasting life. On the other hand, if they are faithful they may lose this life, but gain life everlasting.

5. Jesus Vs The Pharisees.

Jesus didn't say there is anything wrong with breaking a law in order to do good. Instead of being focused on rules and regulations of Jehovah like the Pharisees were, Jesus brought us a new understanding. He had compassion for people.

Followers of Christ follow His example of love. Jehovah is love too because Jesus explained God. Choosing to die rather than having a blood transfusion is a needless sacrifice. The Bible says that Jesus wept when Lazarus died. John 11:1-44;

6. Jehovah's Laws.

Jehovah gave His ancient people laws just like countries have laws to protect their citizens. However laws are meant to be broken in life or death situations.

e.g. If a close friend or relative is dying, or your wife is having a baby, would you refuse to go over the speed limit to get them to a hospital? If someone was trapped in a burning car would you refuse to break the window or pry open the door because vandalism is a criminal offense?

7. Perhaps you might think of other nonsensical ways to abstain from blood like don't touch it, don't look at it, don't smell it, don't think about it, don't write about it, don't dream about it, ... etc. ... Have fun with it if you want, but there is only way that makes sense. Which one is it?

  1. Don't eat blood
  2. Don't have any blood in your body

What is the only logical interpretation of what the Bible means when it says 'abstain from blood'?

8. 'Abstain from blood' doesn't refer to blood transfusions because when the Bible was written they hadn't been invented yet. There was no way to put blood back into someone who lost it.

9. The Bible says to abstain from these foods. Food sacrificed to idols, from blood, and 'the meat of strangled animals' [Acts 15:29].

10. Why would any Christian religion teach that obeying rules is more important than life? Why would they teach that obedience to rules at all costs is the path to salvation? Why would any religion choose unlikely interpretations of the Bible that could mean death for their members, when healthy, more loving interpretations of the Bible are available?

If you're a JW, we recommend that you read several Bible translations without cross referencing Watchtower literature. Start with the words of Jesus. Read them over and over because he is the path to eternal life. Let God's Word speak to you without interference from the organization. Pray contantly out loud or silently. He loves you more than you can ever imagine. Put your complete trust only in God. His promise is eternal life when we love Him with ALL our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Luke 10:25-37;

Satan competes with God for obedience and devotion. So does the organization. Why is that? If you're a JW, you know that Jehovah is a jealous God. Respect for Elders, the GB, and all people is the way of God, but bowing down and obeying their rules as if they have the authority of God, is condemned in the Bible. Matthew 4:1-11; 2 Corinthians 11:13-15; 1 Peter 5:8; Matthew 7:15 [Watchtower Society requires obedience]