Are Jehovah's Witnesses Christians?

Top Ten Reasons Why Critics Say Jehovah's Witnesses Are Not Christians.

  1. When a Christian dedicates their life to Jesus, Christ is their only authority. True Christians might 'belong' to a church, but God is their only path to salvation.
  2. True Christians are free to attend any church without fear of punishment.
  3. True Christians do not answer to any religion. They answer directly to God.
  4. True Christians are free to interpret the Bible, examine all opposing viewpoints, and follow their conscience.
  5. Salvation depends solely upon their relationship and love of God, not an organization.
  6. A Christian's symbol for everlasting life is Jesus, not an organization.
  7. A true Christian lives life based on the words of Jesus, not the laws of man. (Read 141 Things Jehovah's Witnesses Can't Do.)
  8. The Law of Christ is freedom from rules and regulations.
  9. Followers of Christ are not always united in beliefs.
  10. Followers of Christ are always united in their love. (not just for other Christians, but for all people, including 'enemies'.) See Watchtower quotes about Apostate Jehovah's Witnesses and enemies.

Bonus Reason

Proof positive that the organization is NOT a Christian organization. The following video presents information from the only source of information Jehovah's Witnesses trust, - i.e.. Watchtower literature.