Ask A Psychic.

Question From A Reader:

Why Are There Psychic Ads On This Website?

Why why why -- do you all have a "ask a psychic" ad on you page??? Seriously? I came to this page for info re my JW mother -- for some advise on how to deal with her... As a non denom. Christian.. Then I see you sponsor ads from psychics... How am I supposed to take anything on your page seriously?


The short answer is, I don't sponsor psychics. They sponsor this website! The small amount of money I receive from Google advertisers, helps cover some of my expenses. I pay for the rest out of pocket.

The people I'm helping don't consider the time and money I personally spend keeping this site online.

If every visitor contributed a dollar, it would be more than enough to remove all advertising. After several years of requesting donations and receiving none, I removed the donate button and no longer ask.

God bless you and your family,
Bill Borden, founder of

Here's the long answer.

This website has been helping JW's and their families since 2009. It's changing lives. However the bills keep coming in every month. Most people have no idea how much time and money goes into this website. Advertisers are the only ones who support this site financially at this time.

We'd like things to change, but so far it hasn't happened. The fact of the matter is this. Psychics are contributing financially to this ministry. Those who are receiving the help, have not been willing to contribute.

This site gets thousands of visitors every month. Most are very thankful for the life changing information. But no one has been willing to contribute financially, - even a couple dollars. Our 'donate' button was a failure. No one donated and after a few years it was taken down.

Once in a while someone sends an article that's worth publishing. It's appreciated. However, creditors insist on cash.

The ads you see are from Google and/or other large ad networks. Revenue from Google doesn't come close to covering expenses, but it helps.

Google controls which ads appear on this site. It's all done automatically. Google decides which ads will be the most profitable based on a website's content and the content of sites you've visited in the past.

If you'd like Google ads to be removed, you should be contributing to this ministry, - either with your time or money. If this site could depend on financial support from the people that are being served, all advertising could be removed. This would be ideal but not realistic.

If you're concerned about the psychic ads and that your mother is a JW, remind her that the Watchtower has made many spirit-directed predictions during their history as a religion. Research the facts online and in their literature. Even today they claim to be 'spirit-directed'. Psychics make exactly the same claims. What's the difference? 'Spirit-directed organization' is a phrase that's in the baptism vows of JW's.

Why do JW's support the organization if they don't want to have anything to do with psychics? Both are spirit-directed and can make mistakes. Even Christians pray to God and receive messages from spirit.

If your mom is offended by psychic ads when she visits this site, then she's not ready to change.

It's best to love people unconditionally no matter what they believe in. It's ok to be a JW if she loves her religion. God loves JW's and people of all religions. He even loves the psychics and those without a religion. He is a God of love.

According to Jesus, God blesses the righteous and the wicked. Luke 6:35; To be Christ-like and 'sons of the Most High' we should follow Christ's example of love and respect for all (even the sinners and tax collectors). Jesus taught us not to judge. Luke 6:37; Matthew 7:3-5; According to Jesus, we don't even need a religion to inherit eternal life. Luke 10:25-28

Don't worry too much about your mother being offended by the advertising. Even without advertising she might be offended. You can't say the wrong things to the right people and you can't say the right things to the wrong people.

Christians pray to God and get answers from spirit. The Watchtower says they are 'spirit-directed'. Psychics say they are spirit-directed as well. Everyone is channeling spirit. Both the organization and psychics have made predictions that have not come true.

The psychics are contributing financially so we can keep the lights on and help people who are in a religious trap that limits their happiness. In addition to helping emotionally upset JW's, we also help people who have lost family members to the Watchtower religion and people who are thinking of joining or going back. The right people have found this website and it's changed their life. Those who have been helped should be thankful they received the help for free and Google advertisers paid for it.