Are Blood Transfusions The Same As Eating Blood?

Is Eating Blood The Same As Having A Transfusion?

What about the belief of Jehovah's Witnesses that injecting alcohol into your blood stream is the same as drinking it. In other words if your doctor told you to abstain from alcohol, does that mean you can inject it directly into your veins?

Critics say their sense of logic is flawed. Alcohol is not essential for human life. It does not replace blood. We are not born with alcohol in our body. Blood is different. We are born with it and require it for life. It is essential. Alcohol is not. Drinking alcohol to excess is not healthy. Obviously putting it directly into your blood stream by injection is not healthy either.

Since Jehovah's Witnesses agree that life is sacred and the Bible tells us to respect human life, injecting blood into a person to save their life is far different than injecting alcohol or a poison into someone's veins. Blood belongs in our veins. Alcohol does not.

  • What if your doctor tells you not to drink salt water? Does that mean a doctor can't inject saline solution into your veins if you're dehydrated?

Perhaps this is a better question to ask.

  • If your doctor tells you not to eat blood sausages, does that mean you can't have a blood transfusion to save your life?
  • There is a big difference between eating meat containing blood on a regular basis and having a blood transfusion in an emergency situation to save a life.

Jesus recognized the limitations of the Mosaic code and why loving people was far more important than keeping the letter of the law.

  • On one occasion the Pharisees chastised Jesus for healing people on the Sabbath. Notice how Jesus responded in Luke 13:14-17 and how the same principle of love and compassion could be applied to blood transfusions.