Blood Transfusions. Important Considerations.

1. Blood Transfusion Risks. Certainly there are risks in having a blood transfusion. However in an emergency situation the risk of dying is far greater than the risk of catching a disease or virus.

2. Disfellowshipping. The 2010 handbook for Elders outlines what happens if a Jehovah's Witness willingly and unrepentantly has a blood transfusion. See Jehovah's Witnesses Rules

3. Will The Jehovah's Witnesses Every Change Their Blood Doctrine? With God all things are possible. Mark 10:27. However it would not be easy to suddenly reverse their position on blood transfusions without seriously damaging the organization's credibility. The consequences of changing a, life and death doctrine like this is uncertain.

4. What Do Christians Do When They Need A Blood Transfusion? True Christians look to Jesus as their only authority. Matthew 28:18. Followers of Jesus are saved by God's grace. According to the Bible Jesus has the 'words of eternal life'. John 6:68

5. Can Jehovah's Witness children have blood transfusions? See Blood Transfusions and Children