Channel of Communication.

The Watchtower Organization.
Is It God's Channel of Communication?

Watchtower Quotes About Being God's Channel of Communication.

'By word or action, may we never challenge the channel of communication that Jehovah is using today. ... we should cherish our privilege to cooperate with the slave class.' Watchtower Nov 15, 2009, article, 'Treasure Your Place in the Congregation', par 5. In the same article, the organization cautions Jehovah's Witnesses against disobedience, disrespect, and a spirit of independence. JW's are told to be obedient and submissive to those taking the lead.

If you are not familiar with the term 'slave class', it refers to God's channel of communication. Prior to 2009 Jehovah's Witnesses were told that the 'slave class' was the 'anointed' ones of the 144,000, ( 144000 ). See Mediator. In 2012 the organization announced that a small group of men at Watchtower headquarters have been the 'slave class' since 1919. Today God's slave class is thought to be the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. For a better understanding of 'God's channel of communication' please take a look at this article, False Teachings About The 144,000 Since 1919

'Today, Jehovah does not speak to us directly from the heavenly realm. ... Jehovah has most often communicated with his people in more indirect ways.' The Watchtower magazine goes on to explain that Jehovah communicates through the Bible (as interpreted by the organization), 'the faithful and discreet slave' (i.e. the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses), and through a person's 'conscience'. Watchtower, May 1, 2000, Article: 'Hear What the Spirit Has to Say' par 1 - 20 ( NOTE: The 'conscience' of Jehovah's Witnesses must harmonize with secret Watchtower rules that Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to read unless they've achieved the rank of Elder or higher. )

'Today, God does not speak to his servants directly as he did to Job. Instead he reproves them by means of his Word and his spirit-directed organization.' Watchtower, June 1, 1993, Article: 'What Does It Take to Make You Happy?', sub title: 'Accepting Divine Reproof', par 1

Watchtower Quotes About Divine Inspiration.

It is interesting that even though they claim to be God's channel of communication, on rare occasions their literature has said they having NO divine inspiration! i.e. they make NO claims about having divine inspiration and they admit mistakes are possible.

What is the truth? Are they God's channel of communication? If they are not, why do they make such claims? Are they acting harmony with what the Bible says?

Are They God's Channel of Communication?

The JW Religion does NOT claim to have divine inspiration. They admit mistakes are possible and beliefs need to change from time to time. Even though it is commendable that they are willing to admit when they are wrong, the big question is this. Are they telling us the truth? Do their doctrines come from God? Or did they make them up based on their interpretation of the Bible?

We know they make no claims about having divine inspiration. And we know they are not infallible because occaisionally they admit this in their literature. Therefore critics say they are not God's channel of communication. If they were, everything they say would be 'the truth' just like the Bible says in Deut 18:18-22. There would never be any mistakes or need for changes in doctrine.

If mistakes are possible, then what they have to say does not come from God. It comes from their own understanding. That's ok. All religions interpret the Bible based on their unique perspective.

The only reason why anyone cares what the organization says is because they do not treat other religions and former Jehovah's Witnesses as equals. They say they are 'in the truth' and everyone else is 'out of the truth'. They claim to be God's channel of communication. They say the rest of us are dominated by Satan the Devil and have no scriptural hope of being saved. Such a belief system is offensive to people outside the organization. Watchtower Sept 1989

Why are they judging us? Why do they disfellowship and shun Jehovah's Witnesses who leave?

Why do they punish faithful Jehovah's Witnesses by telling them they can no longer speak with disfellowshipped parents, children, brothers, sisters, ... friends, etc? Refer to the secret book for Elders only, - Shepherd the Flock of God

Who authorized judicial committees, disfellowshipping, disassociation, and shunning? Who gives them the authority to judge people and interfere with a Christian's direct relationship with God?

Did the Apostle Paul give the organization the authority to judge? Certainly it wasn't Jesus. A Christian's salvation is Jesus. He is the path to everlasting life. It isn't the Apostle Paul, the early Christian congregation, or even Jehovah. The Bible says that Jesus has been given ALL authority. Matthew 28:18. See Jehovah vs Jesus

As soon as Jesus died, the Apostle Paul and other zealous Pharisees converted to Christianity. Jesus warned us about the Pharisees. Get The Facts About The Apostle Paul

Assuming The Authority Of God.

Here's what the Bible says.

  • According to the Bible, pretending to speak on God's behalf when you really don't is a serious matter. The Bible says this. 'But the prophet who takes it on himself to say words in my name which I have not given him orders to say, or who says anything in the name of other gods, will come to his death.' Duet 18:20

  • Jesus said that his followers do not judge. Luke 6:27-41; Why then, would a religion that claims to be 'Christian', judge all other belief systems as Satanic and false, when their own beliefs may need revision from time to time? [WT May 1, 2009, article: About "the End"] Matthew 7:1-4

Thus, based on the Bible, critics say they are NOT acting in harmony with what the Bible says.

What Did Jesus Say?

Critics say that assuming the authority of God and judging all other faiths is not what Jesus instructed his followers to do. Matthew 28:18; Luke 6:35-37

Challenges For God's Channel of Communication.

A lot will be expected of a religion that claims to be God's channel of communication. Here's what such a position does.

  1. It makes it difficult to change beliefs when necessary
  2. It causes the religion to be held to a higher standard and encourages criticism. Duet 18:22; Matthew 12:31
  3. It offends former members and non believers outside the organization

God's Channel of Communication. Religious Truth? Or Religious Opinion?

Critics say that instead of having the truth that comes directly from God, what the Jehovah's Witnesses really have are opinions or viewpoints based on their understanding of the Bible. The truth never changes. However opinions about what the Bible means can change at any time. Look at their beliefs about 1975 for example. Why do they say they are 'in the truth' if today's beliefs can change and become 'false' tomorrow? See Mind Control

What Does God Say About Speaking In His Name?

God warns us about false prophets and how to identify them.

The Bible is very clear about how to know if someone is his channel of communication or not. Here's what Jehovah says in Duet 18:18-22.

If you're a Jehovah's Witness, this Bible passage can change your life. Read every verse carefully. Read every verse several times.

Duet 18:18 I will give them a prophet from among themselves, like you, and I will put my words in his mouth, and he will say to them whatever I give him orders to say.

Duet 18:19 And whoever does not give ear to my words which he will say in my name, will be responsible to me.

Duet 18:20 But the prophet who takes it on himself to say words in my name which I have not given him orders to say, or who says anything in the name of other gods, will come to his death.

Duet 18:21 And if you say in your hearts, How are we to be certain that the word does not come from the Lord?

Duet 18:22 When a prophet makes a statement in the name of the Lord, if what he says does not take place and his words do not come true, then his word is not the word of the Lord: the words of the prophet were said in the pride of his heart, and you are to have no fear of him. Deut 18:18-22

  1. False Prophet
  2. A disregard for what the Bible says. See Mediator

Salvation. Does God Use A Religion To Communicate With Us?

Do we need to belong to a religion in order to be saved? What does the Bible say about symbols for salvation? What does the organization say about attributing salvation to symbols and human institutions?

Salvation Cannot Be Attributed To A Human Institution.

The JW religion says that 'Salvation is not to be ascribed to human institutions or their symbols.'
Watchtower Magazine Sept 15, 2002, article 'Salvation Belongs to Jehovah'.

However, the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is a human institution. They clearly state they do not have any divine inspiration. In spite of this obvious truth, it has unwittingly become a symbol for salvation for Jehovah's Witnesses, - just like the flag.

Critics say pledging allegiance to the Watchtower organization is the same as pledging allegiance to one's country and it's flag. A religion is a human institution just like a country. Both are human organizations.

  • Why Jehovah's Witnesses do NOT pledge allegiance to the flag
  • Read their baptismal vows. Jehovah's Witnesses pledge allegiance to their religious organization when they are baptized
  • Allegiance to the organization and strict obedience to organizational rules is required. It's not a personal choice or a matter of conscience, like most Jehovah's Witnesses believe. However only Elders have access to this secret information. See Jehovah's Witness Rules, - Secret Information For Elders Only

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The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses is feared and obeyed as if they have the authority of Jesus! Read these incredible claims supposedly based on the Bible. Watchtower June 15, 2009, article, "The Faithful Steward and It's Governing Body".See Mediator

'Sometimes I want to ask God why he allows any religion to assume his authority and demand obedience when he could do something about it. But then I'm afraid he might ask me the same question.' Anonymous