Dedicated To Jehovah and The Watchtower Organization.

Are They Acting In Harmony With What The Bible Says? Matthew 28:19. See Baptism

Are They God's Organization?

  • Is the organization, God's organization?
  • Does the organization Speak on Behalf of Jehovah and Jesus?
  • Must Christians Be Loyal To The Watchtower Organization To Be Saved?

According to the Bible, Jehovah's people have never worshipped him through an organization. And since the organization says they have no divine inspiration, it's impossible for them to be Jehovah's organization.

They've made it perfectly clear in their literature that God and Jesus are not communicating with them.

Of course this makes sense since Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to contact the spirit world.

Jesus Is The Path To Eternal Life. John 6:67-69.

The Bible does not require us to be loyal to any organization to be saved. In fact it's just the opposite. Loyalty to an organization can put our salvation in jeopardy because obedience to a modern day representative for God could be viewed by Jehovah as idolatry.

The Bible says 'For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,' 1 Timothy 2:5. Complete trust in in a 'representative' for God or 'God's visible organization' may be a violation of Jehovah's law on idolatry.

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