The Destruction of The Wicked.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe God will destroy the wicked ones at armageddon.

What Do Some Critics Say?

Soon people will wake up and realize that everything God created is 'good'. He loves all his people unconditionally no matter what they believe in. When you unconditionally love yourself and everyone else, it's impossible to do wicked things. You wouldn't dream of hurting someone you love unconditionally. You wouldn't lie, steal, murder, say hurtful things, judge people harshly, call them names, curse them, shun them because they don't believe exactly the same way you do. You wouldn't think of doing wicked, hateful things to yourself or anyone if you can feel God's unconditional love for you and everyone else on the planet.

More and more people are now feeling God's unconditional love. They are teaching this love by example. Unconditional love is far more attractive and appealing than hatred. People will do anything for love and they're beginning to understand that love is best way to change this planet forever.

World peace will be a reality when everyone feels loved unconditionally. They in turn will love everyone else unconditionally. Love will unite people with each other and with God. The daily mantra in God's Kingdom will be, 'I love you as I love myself.'