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What Is The Devil?

  1. Is There a Devil?
  2. Is The Devil Real?
  3. Who Is The Devil?
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  6. Satan. Who Is He?
  7. Good vs Evil, and Satan, The Prince Of Darkness.

Is There a Devil?

Many Bible based religions teach that Satan the devil is the cause of sin in this world. They teach that Satan the 'devil' is a real person or one of God's fallen angels. Is this true? Why do religions scare people into believing the devil is real? Do they benefit from teaching this? Or do they sincerely believe in the devil is the cause of wickedness today?

What Does The Bible Say?

How can we interpret what the Bible says about the devil? Please check out these scriptures. Should we accept Satan as a real person? Or are there other ways to understand what the Bible says? 1 John 3:8-10; Matthew 4:1-6,11; 2 Timothy 2:26; 1 Peter 5:8; James 4:7; 1 Timothy 3:6,7; Rev 20:2,10; Ephesians 6:11; Ephesians 4:27; John 13:2; Luke 4:2-9; Rev 12:9-12; John 6:70; Matthew 13:39; Acts 13:10; John 8:44; Matthew 25:41; Acts 10:38;

Let's remember that the Bible is an ancient book. Even though many people accept that the Bible is 'inspired' by God, it was not physically written by God. The Bible is collection of many books written by ordinary people who had incites and 'inspiration' to record what they were thinking about. Most of us are inspired to do things as well. Sometimes we get inspired to clean the house or take out the garbage. Someone was inspired to write this article. Perhaps they believed that God was guiding them. Bible writers may have felt the same way.


1. Some believe that God creates all living things and he is everywhere. Therefore he must logically reside in each one of us. God is light. The word 'namaste' means 'the light in me sees the light in you'. Wickedness is merely the absence of God's light and love. Without God we'd be dust. Even though people are free to choose evil instead of love, God resides in all living things because he is everywhere. Could that be why God hears silent prayers? Could that be why God is kind to the wicked and ungrateful? Luke 6: 35.

2. Jehovah is not like Jesus. Christians have a personal relationship with God and he is their only authority. Christians are free from rules, regulations, and sacrifice. Religions do not save Christians. They are free to attend any church or none at all. They stand before God as individuals. They have a direct spiritual relationship with God, symbolized by baptism. Matthew 28:18,19.

Jehovah is a tribal God. Worshippers of Jehovah must be loyal to the rules and regulations of their tribe. Sacrifice is required. Individual rights and freedoms are not important. Survival of the tribe is the only thing that matters. See Jehovah vs Jesus

Your Comments.

Sept 2, 2011. Regarding the previous post. Satan is mentioned in the old and new testament.

Aug 24, 2011. The Old Testament is not mentioning Satan. Instead it mentions the Accuser as a servant of God. Satan as a person is occurring in the New Testament only -- this is a problem within Christianity: if it is not going to be judaizing (like the JWs) then the New Testament is a more "authoritative" source, nearer to "truth", then the New Testament interpretation "overrules" the Old Testament interpretation.

The best NT exception to the "Theory of Satan" is James [1:13-17] -- for this problem I have no good solution, but blaming "Satan" for all my own evils is not a moral position as far as I can see.