Disfellowshipped From God's Organization?


Disfellowshipping from the organization can be a good thing because it sets people free to worship God directly. That's what God requires anyway.

Worshipping God through a visible organization or representative could be viewed by Jehovah as idolatry.

When we think about it rationally, it's impossible for any religion to disfellowship someone from God's organization. All people belong to God. It's common sense. He made all of us. Therefore he is the only one who can judge people.

All a religion can do is disfellowship people from their religion. There is a big difference.

Which Religion Is The Best One?

No religion is perfect enough to be God's only organization.

Religions that appear to be more righteous than others are the ones that cover up their mistakes by introducing new truths and light. According to Jesus, the self righteous Pharisees looked good on the outside but inside there was everything unclean. Matthew 23:27

Will I Be Disfellowshipped From Jehovah's Organization?

No. Never. It's impossible for any religion to do that. Once people understand that they can never be expelled from God's organization, a sense of peace and joy is possible. Guilt disappears when you know you didn't disappoint God. All you did was break the rules of a man-made religion that has assumed the authority of God, without his permission.

Religions have no authority over God's people whatsoever. Religions cannot save people. Only God can do that. The only one who can expel people from God's organization is God. He knows our heart. He knows our thoughts. He knows our love for him. We know he loves us. Where ever we are, God is. God bless you!

Is the organization God's Organization?