Disfellowshipping. My Experience.

These are the blessings I've experienced, being disfellowshipped from the Watchtower Society thirty years ago. This is what it's like not being a Jehovah's Witness after being born and raised in that religion.

Leaving The Watchtower Society.

What is it like? It's wonderful. It's freedom. It's just me and God.

Today I'm blessed with true friends who love me unconditionally regardless what I believe in. They are my new family.

When I was a Jehovah's Witness, I sometimes felt I wasn't doing enough for Jehovah. In fact no matter how much I did, it didn't seem to be enough. I wondered if Jehovah would save me or if he would judge me harshly because I could have done a little bit more. See Are You Doing Enough For Jehovah

Today I have an intimate relationship with God. I speak with him in prayer throughout the day and I hear his voice in the silence. Regardless of what's going on in my life, I always feel loved, happy, content, and eternal. My salvation is never in doubt.

Even though I go to church, I no longer depend on a religion. I depend on God and I feel his intense love for me every moment. There's never a question whether he loves me or not. I have been anointed with God's spirit and even though I make mistakes, he loves me unconditionally as a father loves a son.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am, that God led me away from the Watchtower organization and into the light of his presence. Happiness and love is my prayer for all Jehovah's Witnesses. May God bless you as much as he has blessed me.