Does The Watchtower Society Represent Jehovah?

It will be obvious to any reasonable person, that no man-made publishing company or organization in New York, is authorized by the Creator of the universe to be his only representative. The very idea is ludicrous. Yet this is 'common sense' and 'the truth' to JW's.

Even though the Watchtower says they are God's channel of communication they disclaim having divine inspiration They admit mistakes are possible [1]

They believe they have the truth because they've interpreted the Bible in a way that makes sense to them. Although this is a good thing, critics disagree with their need to judge all other faiths and members who leave the religion. i.e. apostates. The entire world is thought to be dominated by Satan because outsiders disagree with Watchtower doctrines.

False Predictions and Incorrect Interpretations Of The Bible.

The JW organization denies that it ever predicted the future, but an examination of their literature, shows that speculation about the future was common.

  • Critics say the organization has been wrong about many prophecies including 1914, 1915, 1925, World War 2, and 1975. How can mistakes be possible if they have 'the truth' and are the only ones who understand the Bible correctly? Why have they made so many mistakes if they understand God's word better than any other religion? Matthew 7:22-23 See False Prophet

What Did Jesus Say About Judging?

Jesus warned his followers not to judge. That's why the judicial committees of Jehovah's Witnesses contradict Christian principles taught by Jesus. Certainly followers of the Apostle Paul may disagree. He encouraged early Christians to judge. Why is that? Get the Facts About The Apostle Paul

Religions who judge who's evil and who's righteous on behalf of God are not being truthful with God, themselves, or their fellow brothers and sisters who have different opinions. Is judgment, judicial committees, shunning, and disfellowshipping approved by Jesus? No. It is not. Luke 6:37.

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Does God Need An Organization?

  • Does Jehovah need an organization? Not according to Jesus. Matthew 28: 18,19. What do the Jehovah's Witnesses say? See Baptism

1. Can the organization make mistakes? Does God and his angels speak with the Governing Body? Read what Watchtower says about their relationship with God

2. See Religious Salvation

3. Watchtower Secrets