Breaking an Engagement.

Elders and Ministerial Servants are expected to display 'exemplary conduct'. The conduct of ordinary Jehovah's Witnesses is also considered.

The literature of Jehovah's Witnesses considers engagement to be binding and the breaking an engagement to be virtually the same as ending a marriage. According to the scriptures, Jehovah's witnesses believe that breaking an engagement is a serious matter similar to divorce.

If an Overseer, Elder, or Ministerial Servant breaks an engagement, it would seem reasonable that they could lose their position in the congregation because separation, divorce, or breaking an engagement would not be exemplary conduct. Insight Volume 1 1988, 'Engagement'; Watchtower Dec 1, 2009; Watchtower Nov 15, 2009, 'What Do Your Prayers Say About You?' par 16. Also see the publication of Elders only 'Shepherd the Flock of God' 2010.