Falling In Love With A Jehovah's Witness.

What You Need To Know.

The following personal experience has not been edited in any way. Even the spelling mistakes were not corrected. It was an email we received.

We've heard exactly the same dating story, over and over again. Even though this person probably feels their situation is unique, it is not. Read it carefully and understand what you're getting yourself into when you date a JW.

Aug 8, 2011. My fiencee is a witness. I love her so much that I am ready to do anything not just to keep her but to ensure her salvation. She knows something is wrong with the watch tower but she dare not state it to me because she knows I dont trust the organization. Her fear is that of facing judicial committee, disfellowship and shunning, so she seem to elect to stay on. I promised to stay with her and even join her, hoping that one day i may be able to speak the truth to her and bring her to the knowledge of the saving grace of jesus. I have agreed to do a \\\"Bible Study\\\" and she is happy about it. She is even talking about my being baptised, which I may not agree. I have read the books of Raymond Franz, James M Penton, Olof, and many others. Hence I know that the watchtower is not only a false religion but also a false organization that is manipulating others. Now I am not ready to let my fiancee presh and I want to play along with her untill she sees the light. Am I doing the right thing? Am I in any danger? What Should do?

How does this apply to me?

This gentleman is engaged to a JW woman who is afraid of being disfellowshipped if she leaves her religion and marries a non believer. (If the Elders, - i.e. 'judicial committee', disfellowships her, she will be shunned by her family, and all her friends.)

Because of her fear of losing everything, she is pressuring her fiance into becoming a JW. He is buying time by pretending to be interested in joining the JW's. He hopes that he will be able to expose the fallacy of the JW religion in a tactful way, without losing his fiance.

But the real issue is not doctrines. His girlfriend has to choose between her family (who may shun her if the Elders disfellowship her) and the man that she loves.

As long as there's hope that her boyfriend will become a JW, this young lady can have it all.

Control and manipulation.

Manipulation is mentioned in this email. Who is doing the manipulating? Isn't everyone guilty? No matter what happens, do you see any way that all parties can be happy? Is there a way to create a win-win-win situation?

  • If the organization wins and the girlfriend breaks off her engagement, who will be hurt?
  • If the girlfriend gets her way, will this gentleman be happy being a JW for the rest of his life?
  • If our friend who sent this email gets his way, how will his new wife deal with the sudden loss of family, friends, and religion on her honeymoon and the rest of her life?

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