False Beliefs About The Truth.

False Beliefs.

The perception of Jehovah's Witnesses that 'the world' or 'worldly people' hate them is inaccurate. Outsiders are merely disagreeing. They are trying to show the Witnesses that their beliefs about being the only true religion in the world is not correct.

The faith of Jehovah's Witnesses is that they have 'the truth'. In reality what they have is 'faith' just like others do. Everyone can have a different faith. One faith is not better or worse than another.

Faith is what we believe but we can't be 100% sure it's correct. In other words, by definition faith cannot be proven.

When someone has 'the truth', there's no need to prove anything or preach from door to door. And when someone has the truth, faith is not required. The word 'faith' means we believe in something that we 'know' to be right even though others disagree.

No one can disagree with the truth. If there is much disagreement among religions as to what is 'the truth', then in reality what people have is 'faith', not the truth. i.e. we know what we believe but our beliefs are based on faith.

Examples of The Truth.

  1. The law of gravity
  2. Trees cannot walk
  3. Fish swim in water
  4. Parrots can fly and some can learn to talk
  5. Water freezes at 0 degrees celsius

Would you need to convince someone about 'the truth'? Of course not. Do JW's need to preach from door to door warning everyone about gravity or that water freezes at O Celsius? Everyone already knows the truth. What people may not know is their faith. That's why JW's can publicize their faith all day long and get no where. They are not arguing about 'the truth'. There's no need to debate the truth because proven facts are accepted by everyone. What JW's are really trying to do is convince people their faith is better than your faith. It has nothing to do with 'the truth'.

Faith by definition cannot be proven. That's why it's called faith!

Examples of Faith.

  1. God loves us
  2. The Bible is God's word
  3. God is everywhere
  4. God answers prayers
  5. The only path to God is Jesus

As we read the above statements, strong opinions can surface. Most of the world might believe that God is love. However some people, based on their experiences, might strongly believe that God hates certain people, - especially people who do 'bad' things, - whatever that means. Some people strongly believe that God does not exist. Others strongly believe that it's nonsense to believe our entire world happened by accident.

Truth vs Faith.

Even though some are convinced their faith is correct, others may disagree. It's normal to have some doubts even when our faith is strong. Faith can be based on facts but a larger part of faith is opinions, gut feelings, hunches, interpretations, and perceptions. No one can be certain about things they haven't seen or about the future they haven't yet experienced.

The truth is only the truth when we can prove what we say and everyone in the world is in agreement. Even then we might not have the truth. It's possible that some of the things everyone believes today is not true at all. For example, as our understanding of science evolves, some of the limitations we believe to be true, might become false tomorrow. Think back to a time when people laughed about modern inventions we take for granted today. Just because everyone thought traveling to the moon wasn't possible, doesn't mean they were right.

Bottom line is, the more educated a person is, the less they know for sure. The world is more 'gray' than black and white. As we reach out to understand our neighbors with different beliefs, we begin to love them even though their faith is far different than ours. As we begin to love people who are different without judgment, the more Christ-like we become. Luke 6:27-41

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