False Religion Vs True Christianity.

Which Religion Is Right?

The truth is that God gave us life and he is the only one who can extend it. We need to answer directly to him. According to the Bible, Jesus is the only path to everlasting life. John 6:67-69 True Christians are devoted to Jesus, not a church or organization.

God insists that we worship him directly. The Bible does not say religion is required. Certainly there is nothing wrong with gathering together with like-minded people, but their is something wrong when any religion says that everyone must be in good standing with their church if they hope to be saved. See the Watchtower Magazine Sept 1989 and Rebellion Against Jehovah

No religion can save us and grant us everlasting life. In fact worshipping God based on the rules of a man-made organization instead of our conscience, may put our salvation in jeopardy.

Be Faithful To Jesus, John 6:67-69, - Not A Religion.

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