How To Find Happiness.

How To Find Happiness After Leaving The Jehovah's Witnesses.

Understand that membership in a religion cannot save you. This is a lie you've believed for a very long time and it isn't true. No, this article is not written by the Devil. We are not tempting you to leave 'the truth' and 'God's organization'. That's another lie you've believed for a very long time. The belief that the Devil is trying to trick you into leaving God's organization, is one of the many ways your mind is trapped in a way of thinking that causes unhappiness. See Mind Control

The fact of the matter is this. Loyalty to ANY religion could put your salvation in jeperody. It could be viewed by God as a modern day form of idolatry.

e.g. What if you read your Bible and pray to God. He tells you one thing, but your religion tells you something else. Will you obey God? Or will you obey your religous leaders? If you put your religion first because you're afraid of being disfellowshipped, guess what? You've put your religion ahead of God! Shouldn't Christians be putting God first?

Now we're not telling you to isolated yourself or not to belong to a religion. Associating with nice people to talk about the Bible and encourage one another is good, but only God has the authority to save us. He loves all the people he created, not just Jehovah's Witnesses. If you believe there's only one true religion that's another lie you don't have to live with unless you want to.

No religion has a monopoly on God. If you're looking for the 'only true religion' or 'the best religion' or 'God's organization', you will not find it in any one religion. Those concepts were taught to you by man, - not by God. Carefully read all the articles on this website and you'll slowly begin to understand how to find happiness.

Read all literature and websites written by other Jehovah's Witnesses who have left the religion and found happiness. They know what you're going through because they went through the same thing. You may not agree with everything, and that's ok. The nice thing about leaving is you can decide what you will believe. No one is going to tell you what is wrong and what's right except you and God.

Listen to self help books, audio cd's, and dvds. You will find them at book stores, and online from sources such as and nightingale conant. If you can't afford to buy them, your local public library might have a good selection.

Some find it helpful to listen to self help audio cd's over and over again instead of listening to music. How long do you spend in your car or exercising? Could you use this time to listen to up building information that can change your life?

Gain control of your unconscious mind. When you leave the JW's, your body is no longer there and your conscious mind says you don't believe it anymore, but your unconscious mind is still at the Kingdom Hall. You will not find true happiness until you reprogram and train your unconscious mind to the think the way you want to think.

One of the best ways to reprogram your mind is to listen to 'subliminal' messages in meditation CD's. Guided mediation is relaxing. pleasurable, and powerful when it comes to getting rid of the little voices in your mind that make you unhappy.

Do a Google search for 'subliminal cds'. You can listen to subliminal meditation cd's to overcome

  1. Depression
  2. Anger
  3. Fear
  4. Anxiety
  5. Unhappiness, ... etc

Finding New Friends.

Find good friends that are capable of loving you just the way you are. Don't expect worldly people to understand what it's like being a Jehovah's Witness, leaving that religion, or how you feel. It's impossible for anyone to understand what you're going through unless they went through the same thing.

Avoid friendships with ex Jehovah's Witnesses who are angry, depressed, unhappy, negative, etc. They will not make you feel better. There are plenty of them out there online and in chat rooms. If you fall into the trap of believing you must associate with other negative former Jehovah's Witnesses like yourself, there's a good chance you'll go back to the organization. Stop it. There is a better way to overcome loneliness and unhappiness. Remember what you already know. Bad associations spoil useful habits. ... If you want to be happy avoid people who bring you down.

If you want true happiness work on yourself. Happiness comes from within, not from outside of you. As long as you depend on someone or something else for your happiness, you'll always be disappointed. Tools are available today to help you find happiness by taking back your power

If you want happiness and peace, don't hang out with former JW's who are bitter with the organization. More anger and negativity will not give you the happiness you're looking for.

  1. Continued: ... How To Find Friends After Being Disfellowshipped