Finding New Friends After Being Disfellowshipped.

How To Make New Friends.

Finding new friends can be tough. I ended up calling some people from high school that I hadn't seen in many years. They were surprised to hear from me because as a Jehovah's Witness I never associated with them after school. Now I was calling them to reconnect. It was all very strange but I did pick up a couple of friends this way.

Next I made friends with other disfellowshipped people that I knew. And finally I went out to nightclubs and dances in hopes of connecting with people. I was very nervous being in those places with 'worldly' people for the first month or two. A few drinks helped me relax so I could have a good time. Within three months I didn't need the alcohol anymore. Once in a while I had a drink, but most of the time I drank water or soda.

After being away from the Watchtower Society for three or four months, I was pretty comfortable with people who weren't Jehovah's Witnesses. I was obviously still a little confused about what normal people did on birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. But other than that I was like a kid in a candy store. I was free to make friends with anyone. I was no longer forced to associate only people who worshipped at Kingdom Halls. For the first time in my life I was happy and free as God intended for all of us to be.

Soon after leaving I discovered other cool ways of developing friendships with people who were interested in the same things I liked. I started taking night school classes, joining clubs, social groups, looking for volunteer opportunities, helping the less fortunate, business networking, and attending various churches in hopes of finding the best religion. : -)

Leaving the Watchtower organization was the best thing that ever happened to me. Finding new friends was very difficult. And the first few weeks were emotionally challenging. But it was a small price to pay for freedom.

Some young people go to war to fight for freedom. Many have lost their lives. I was lucky. I never fought for my country. I only fought for my personal freedom. All I lost was a few friends that I still miss to this very day. I bless and pray for them. It was a loss and it still is. But what I've gained is far more valuable.

Many Jehovah's Witnesses dwell on how awful it is to be disfellowshipped. Even though it can mean the loss of family and friends, the benefits of leaving far outweigh the disadvantages. My advice to you if you're a Jehovah's Witness is to constantly think about how good you will feel when you're free, rather than on how bad you'll feel when you're disfellowshipped.

Today I no longer worship God through an organization. I can walk into any church and bless God's people regardless of what they believe in. I have a close personal relationship with God and feel his love for me at all times. I have close friends who love me unconditionally. They have become my family. I am blessed with inner peace, contentment, happiness, and freedom to love all the people God created.

Was finding new friends hard? Yes it was. Was it worth it? Yes it was! God bless you for reading this article. May you find the happiness and love you're searching for.

Leaving Watchtower .