What Does the JW Religion Say About Flirting?

'6:18. To “flee from fornication” is to avoid not only acts of por‧nei′a but also pornography, moral uncleanness, sexual fantasizing, flirting—anything that can lead to fornication.—Matt. 5:28; Jas. 3:17.' Watchtower Magazine, July 15, 2008, Article: 'Jehovah’s Word Is Alive Highlights From the Letters to the Corinthians', Subtitle: 'Lessons for Us'

'31:1, 9-28. Job set an example for us in that he avoided flirting, adultery, unfair and unmerciful treatment of others, materialism, and idolatry.' Watchtower Magazine, Mar 15, 2006, Article: 'Jehovah’s Word Is Alive Highlights From the Book of Job', Subtitle: '“I SHALL NOT TAKE AWAY MY INTEGRITY FROM MYSELF!” (Job 4:1–31:40)

'How inappropriate it is for single people to send romantic signals to each other just for amusement! What if such flirting is taken more seriously than intended? Think of the emotional pain that it can cause. Sobering too is the fact that flirting can lead to adultery or fornication. ' Watchtower Magazine, Nov 15, 2006, Article: 'An Issue That Involves You', Subtitle: 'Avoid Sexual Misconduct', 4th par