Get Disfellowshipped. PLEASE!

The Benefits of Getting Disfellowshipped.

So many JW's think about how terrible it is to get disfellowshipped instead of how good it feels to be free!

Disfellowshipping is a blessing in disguise. The Watchtower is doing you a favor. They're showing the door. That's a good thing. You don't want to be there anyway. God doesn't want you to dedicate your life to an organization. The Bible tells us not to have other God's. Has your religion become your symbol for salvation? Watchtower Sept 1989

Christians are not submissive to men, organizations, or religious leaders. Christians are equals. All of us were created by God. Thus we are brothers and sisters regardless of our religion. We put a smile on God's face when we make him our only authority. Matthew 28:18,19.

Put a Smile on God's Face. Get Disfellowshipped!

If you read your Bible, pray to God, and he tells you something that conflicts with what the Elders say, you must put the rules of man first and God second if you want to continue being a Jehovah's Witness. Do you think God is happy with such an arrangement? Of course he is NOT happy one bit!

Do not be fooled. If you're a JW, you know that Jehovah is a jealous God. He doesn't want you to bow down and obey Elders. Put God first. Let him speak to you and show you the way you should go.

If you get disfellowshipped, you will be leaving the organization to put God first.

Respect for teachers and leaders in your church is good, but Christians are NOT required to obey anyone. Do NOT be submissive to 'those taking the lead'. Do NOT idolize Elders and the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. As you know, idolatry and 'creature worship' is forbidden within your faith.

There is a big difference between respectfully listening to teachers within the organization and 'obeying' them or being 'submissive'. Christians listen and then make their own decisions. They are free to respectfully disagree and do whatever they want to do. They are not slaves of man. They don't need to give up their family, friends, and religion in exchange for freedom. Why? Because GOD is their ONLY authority, NOT man.

Christians do NOT dedicate their life to Jehovah and a human organization that claims to be God's visible representative. Christians are baptized according to the instructions of Jesus. Matthew 28:18,19

Obeying humans because one believes they have the authority of God would be idolatry. Would it not? It would be like creating a molten image or statue for salvation and saying this is our visible representation for Jehovah. We can't see God. We can't hear him. So this statue will be our God. We'll worship Jehovah through this visible representation. Whatever the organization says, we will do. If we pray to God and he gives us an answer that's different than what God's representative says, we will obey God's representative first and God second if we want to keep our family, friends, and religion. If we want to put God first and disagree with the organization, we must give up our family, friends, and religion. Is this not the same as idolatry? If it isn't, what would you call such an arrangement?

Also if an organization takes away your family, friends, and religion if you refuse to obey them, is this not extortion and an abuse of their authority as religious leaders? If it isn't, what is it? And if it is extortion, do you want to continue promoting such a religion?

Do not buy into the 144,000 anointed remnant scam or believe false claims that they are God's 'channel of communication'. They are not! We cannot serve two masters. If you're a JW, be respectful of Elders, but be submissive only to God. He will bless you for your faithfulness.

Getting disfellowshipped is a good thing. It's hard to leave the organization, - and being forced out makes it easier.

Without Watchtower rules and regulations you can reclaim your direct relationship with Jesus. Now you can listen only to God. Rely on him to guide you. Do NOT have other 'God's'. Respectfully listen to the advice of Elders if you ask for it. However it is inappropriate to idolize, fear, or obey humans who have no divine inspiration and give them the same reverence that is reserved only for God.

Let God be your only authority. Take back your power

God loves you unconditionally. He wants you back. He wants to bless you. Get disfellowshipped and say 'good-bye' to the rules of man. Move to where the happiness is greater. Get disfellowshipped, so you can put God first.