God Loves Me Because Of My Religion.

  • Does God love us because we have the best religion?
  • What is the truth? How important is religion?

Religions can say God loves them more than anyone else, but all such boastful claims are false. Critics say that religions who claim to be the most righteous and most worthy are like siblings arguing over who mommy and daddy likes best. The whole idea that God loves me more than he loves you is childish.

All of us regardless of what we believe are animated by the spirit of God, - even 'the ungrateful and the wicked'. Jesus told his followers not to judge and to love our neighbors. Luke 6:27-42. Love thy neighbor. Love they black neighbor. Love thy gay neighbor. Love thy apostate neighbor, etc. In the parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus explains who our neighbors are. Luke 10:25-37. According to Jesus, 'our neighbors' include enemies and complete strangers.

In opposition to what Jesus teaches, the organization says that apostate JW's who publicly disagree with Watchtower doctrines, rules, and authority, should not be loved. In fact they should be hated. Symbolically, JW's who are kicked out of the Watchtower religion are like the man in the Good Samaritan parable. Apostates have been tossed out of their religion, beaten with a big emotional stick that can hurt like hell, robbed of their family, friends, and left half dead on the side of a road.

What would Jesus say to the organization about how they treat JW's who leave? If Jesus were alive today and tried to correct the organization like he corrected the Pharisees 2000 years ago, would Jesus be loved or hated? Would he be welcomed or would he be labelled an 'enemy' of God?