God Online.

Love Can Transform The World.

Today it appears that God may be using modern technology such as the internet, TV, and instant global communication as tools to move our planet towards love instead of hate and fear.

Years ago when organizations and groups of people were isolated from one another like some religions are today, there was far more bigotry, distrust, judgment, hatred, and other hurtful ways of thinking.

Modern day travel and instant communication technology is making the world a much more loving place. A world wide shift in consciousness is occurring. Instead of condemning people who are different and judging them as evil, people are beginning to embrace diversity. They're beginning to see how wonderful it is that people look at life in so many different ways.

Certainly, some are resisting change. They don't want to make peace with their brothers and sisters who believe differently. Today there is a war going on between love and hate. Some want to change the world and love those they disagree with. Others want to continue the vicious cycle of evil that results in pain, suffering, and wars with their enemies.