God's Slave. Matthew 24:45-51.

  1. Did Jesus appoint a slave?
  2. Is God's slave the Watchtower organization?
  3. Is the slave faithful or unfaithful?

Did Jesus appoint a slave to work for him in these last days before armageddon? What does the Bible say?

If Jesus did appoint a slave to take his place, is God's slave faithful or unfaithful? Does God's slave dispense truth? Or Lies? Is God's slave sober? Or is the unfaithful slave spiritually drunk?

What Do Jehovah's Witnesses Say About God's Slave?

JW's believe that Jesus appointed a slave to teach the entire world about God purpose. They believe they are organized to do god's will in these final days before armageddon and the end of this wicked system of things. The slave has 'the truth'. All other opinions and viewpoints are 'false'. The entire world except for their organization is thought to be dominated by Satan the Devil. Everyone who is not a Jehovah's Witness is referred to as being 'out of the truth'. See Mind Control

The Truth.

Please take a moment to read Matthew 24:45-51 with an open mind and heart. Jesus gave us a parable about a faithful and unfaithful servant of 'the master'. You will notice that the meaning of this Bible story is not known. Opinions about what the passage means is merely that. They are opinions and viewpoints, NOT facts. According to the Bible, no human or organization has been given a license to run ahead of what Jesus said. 2 John 1: 9 - 11.

The Unfaithful Slave. Who Is He?

Let's assume that Jehovah's Witnesses are correct and Jesus did appoint their religion as God's spokesperson. Is God's slave faithful or not? The Bible gives us a clue.

In Matthew 24, Jesus says that the unfaithful slave 'beats' other servants of the master. If God's slave is the Watchtower organization, the other servants must be everyone else who worships God differently. The other slaves must logically be everyone who isn't a Jehovah's Witness. Is that true? What do they say about people who belong to other religions?

Do Jehovah's Witnesses respect and treat other slaves of God as equals? Or do they figuratively 'beat' and criticize all other belief systems as being wrong, false, and controlled by the Devil? The Watchtower Magazine, Sept 1, 1989 answers that question nicely. Also see how the organization treats Witnesses who leave their religion. See Apostate Jehovah's Witnesses

What about the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses? Jesus says in Matthew 24 that the unfaithful slave 'drinks with drunkards'. Is their Governing Body sober? Or are they spiritually drunk? Have they interpreted the Bible correctly? Or have they grossly distorted the truth?

People who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol have crazy thoughts. They do and say what they would never consider if they were sober. Many drunks become disrespectful. Some drunks laugh and make fun of others. Drunks live in their own little world. They are isolated and separate from the world. They associate only with their other drunkards because no one else sees the wisdom in what they have to say.

Let's examine the evidence. How many Watchtower prophecies have come true? Does what they have to say make sense? Are their beliefs based on the Bible? Are they sober and thinking straight? Or are they intoxicated with ideas and visions that have no factual basis? See Old Watchtower Doctrines

The only way to answer our questions is to examine their beliefs objectively. See all articles. Are they acting in harmony with what the Bible says? Or are they spiritually drunk? According to Jesus in Matthew 24 the unfaithful slave drinks with drunkards and beats other slaves of the master.