God's Kingdom.

When Will God's Kingdom Be Here?

Here's an interesting perspective on God's Kingdom. What do you think?

Evil exists in our world because people live in fear. God's Kingdom will be here when God transforms all people into angels of light and love. Will he do this forcing them to change? NO! He created us with free will. People in God's Kingdom will be free. They will believe anything they want to believe. Contrary to Watchtower teachings, speaking 'in agreement' will not be the catalyst for world peace. World peace will come when people love each other as they do themselves.

God will transform minds as this planet transforms itself from a place of fear, distrust, separateness, and hatred, to a place where everyone loves one another, - especially people who are different.

In God's Kingdom, people will celebrate and encourage different beliefs, viewpoints, life styles, and personal freedoms. People will love all the diversity God has created. People will not force their belief system on other people. They will not condemn people who believe differently. They will encourage people to be different!

Religions who think they are the best and only ones with 'true' beliefs will be destroyed, but God will not kill these poor, misguided people who are trying their best to please him. Religions will either change their doctrines and learn to love their neighbors unconditionally or they'll fade out of existence forever as people worldwide shift their thinking from judgment to acceptance and love.