God's Organization.

The truth of the matter is that God's organization is not exclusive to one religion. God's organization is the entire world, - all religions, all people, and the entire world that he created belongs to him.

A God of love would never harm his people. God's love is everywhere in every religion. People should not be judged as Satanic, evil, wicked, or 'mentally diseased'. Jesus said it's not our job to judge. God is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked. When we love people and do good we become 'sons of the Most High'. Luke 6:27-41

Having two masters, - God and our religion, is very difficult. There's always a conflict. JW's know that salvation comes from God. Psalms 3:8. Honoring a human institution in the same way we honor God would not be acceptable in the JW faith. That's why JW's do not pledge allegiance to their country or to their flag. However JW's pledge allegiance to their religion when they get baptized. They give their human institution the reverence only God deserves. Then they must be submissive to humans taking the lead, instead of being submissive only to God. See Rebellion Against Jehovah's Organization