When a Jehovah's Witness leaves their religion, they can be filled with guilt. We've seen Witnesses who have left the organization over thirty years ago still feel guilty that they left the best religion in the world and probably failed God in some way. Because of guilt, some contemplate going back. Why is that?

Unless they get professional help, it's easy for JW's who leave the organization to blame themselves because they couldn't follow 'God's rules'.

They can be caught in a religious trap that's virtually impossible to escape from, - even if they've been away from their religion for decades.

In order to escape guilt and move towards a healthy state of mind, a Jehovah's Witness needs to ask questions and search for answers in places that are forbideen by the Watchtower organization.

With a mind already filled with guilt, only the brave are willing to consider viewpoints that are not taught by their religion.

Reasons For Guilt.

They wrongly believe that because of their normal physical and spiritual desires, - that everyone has, - they were wicked and undeserving of God's love. They wrongly believe they left God's organization. They wrongly believe they are now part of Satan's organization. And they wrongly believe that their former religious programming is not responsible in anyway for how they now feel. They wrongly believe their mind is not being controlled

The belief that they have only two choices, leads former JW's to feel guilty they are not good enough or strong enough to make God happy. They feel guilty that they didn't keep God's laws as perfectly as God requires. They feel guilty they left God's organization. They feel guilty that Satan now controls them. Some yearn to go back so they can once again connect with God and his only organization on earth.

The sad thing is that JW's who leave rarely ask for help outside the WTBS. Why? Because JW's are given only two choices. God's organization or Satan's world. When a former JW still believes that outsiders are dominated by Satan and are 'out of the truth', it's unlikely for them to ask for help.

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