How Does The Watchtower Keep It's Secrets Safe?

JW's are never told why their friends leave. A simple 15 second public announcement is made that so and so 'is no longer a Jehovah's Witness'. JW's are taught to mind their own business, not to gossip, and not to question things they don't understand. Jehovah is mysterious. Only the leadership is entitled to know why someone got disfellowshipped.

Thus JW's assume the worst. Disfellowshipped JW's must have done something terribly evil like Paul described in 1 Cor 5:13; JW's believe the Watchtower protects them. There must be good reasons why their friends were thrown into the dumpster. JW's believe it's not necessary to know private details about other JW's. The job of snooping into the private lives of others and judging who God doesn't love is the responsibility of Elders.

JW's believe the Watchtower is protecting Witnesses from 'Satan's world' and that's why information is censored. JW's believe information is censored for the same reason loving parents would censor violence, bad language, and pornography from their children. However the Witnesses have been deceived. Censorship does not protect JW's. It protects the organization.

If Watchtower teachings were built on a solid foundation, there would be no reason for censorship. JW's could read anything without fear that their faith would be shaken. Matthew 7:24-27

If you read the secret rule book for Elders, you'll discover that anyone can get disfellowshipped if the Watchtower thinks a JW might disclose it's secrets to fellow believers.

The Watchtower warns JW's they must not visit websites such as this one because the world outside the Watchtower thinks like Satan. If JW's consider what former JW's have to say, the Watchtower says they'll catch 'mental disease' and die. [Watchtower Magazine, July 15, 2011, Article: "Will You Pay Attention to Jehovah's Clear Warnings?", p 11-16; par 5-13]

As funny as it sounds it's true. The Watchtower teaches that former JW's are 'mentally diseased' and listening to the viewpoints of people outside the organization can kill them like a real contagious disease.

The organization keeps it's secrets hidden from members through multiple forms of mind control. Although JW's laugh and believe we are lying about mind control, the organization has proudly admitted in their literature they program the minds of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses are not Watchtower slaves. The organization only gives them 141 Rules.