How God Answers Prayer.

Do you have questions, - big or small? Here's how to ask God anything and get the best answers.

Factual research, thinking, logic, and reasoning is good. However after you've done all that, stop thinking.

Relax. Calm your mind. Sit quietly. Ask God one question. Clear your mind of endless chatter. Stay in the moment instead of thinking about the future, the past, or all the research you've done. Wait patiently for God to tell you what the scriptures mean or to answer any question you might have. It doesn't matter if it's an 'important' question or a trivial one.

Sometimes the answers come right away within minutes. Other times, it can days, weeks, and even months.

Ask questions and always expect answers. Have faith. Look for the answers to come to you in unexpected ways.

Sometimes you'll hear the answer in your mind as clear as if someone spoke it. Other times he'll give you the answer in a dream in the form of a riddle or vision that seems meaningless but in fact has much meaning. Other times a stranger might say something and even though they don't know it, it is the answer to your question. Other times you might observe a situation or accidentally glance at some printed information or a written message, and suddenly you know it's the answer you're looking for.

Sometimes God doesn't give us answers directly. Instead you'll suddenly have an urge to attend a special event or church or visit a website that you've never been to before. In other words he'll give you a strong message that you need to be somewhere at a specific time and place. Perhaps you're on your way to church. Suddenly, without any thought, the steering wheel on you car makes a left turn instead of a right turn and you find yourself in a church parking lot, but it's not your church!!! Go inside. You will be confused. You won't know why you're there. But if you listen to God, he will give you the answers. He will physically guide you to where you need to be. You can reject him and ignore these urges, or you can say, 'Oh. God is guiding me. I need to be here. I don't know why. But I know God is leading me.'

Messages From God.

How do you know when a message is from God? When God speaks to you, it will be clear. The message will be simple and you will have no doubt in your mind that it's the correct answer. If you're doing a lot of thinking and are confused about which message is the right one, chances are none of those messages are from God.

Also, all messages from God are loving, kind, and gentle. He answers pray when what we ask for will also bless others. If you find yourself getting angry, hating someone or something, revengeful, or emotionally upset in anyway, the messages you're getting are not from God. He is love. When we ask for things that will bless other people and ourselves at the same time, he is eager to answer our prayers.

We've all experienced messages from God, - even people who don't believe in him.

God loves all of us much more than most people can imagine. He is right by our side at all times. That's why we can pray out loud or even silently and he always hears us. We can reject God, but God never rejects us. When we're ready to put our faith in him and accept his love, God is always there, - always.