How To Convert A Jehovah's Witness To Christianity By Creating Doubt.

  • How to talk to a Jehovah's Witness
  • How to plant seeds of doubt
  • How to help them see they are wrong

This article is about how to convert a Jehovah's Witness to Christianity by creating doubt and making them question their beliefs.

They are convinced they have the truth and everyone else is wrong. However when you ask them the right questions with a curious mind, they will often respond to your sense of logic and begin researching information that's been hidden from them.

You must understand that the average Jehovah's Witness, is not deliberately trying to mislead people. They honestly believe they have the truth based on the limited information the Watchtower Society gives them.

If you talk with them about doctrines they are prepared to defend, there is nothing you can do to reason with them. However if you bring up subjects they have no knowledge of or talk about things they are not aware of, a true seeker of truth will secretly look for the right answers.

By planting the seeds of doubt, Jehovah's Witnesses are compelled to objectively look at information that is contrary to Watchtower teachings. Once they begin to question their faith, they will discover the truth and be open to accepting Jesus as their path to salvation.

Creating Doubt.

If a Jehovah's Witness has serious doubts about their religion, you may be able to help them leave. But if they are heavily involved going to meetings, reading Watchtower literature, going door to door, etc., it's going to be a challenge. Here's why.

When you try to create doubt, remember this. They are trying to create doubt in your mind so they can recruit you into their faith. Jehovah's Witnesses will let you talk about opposing viewpoints but they believe you are wrong. They refer to everyone outside of their religion as being 'out of the truth'. Therefore they will not seriously listen to what you have to say even if you can prove them wrong. See Mind Control

Why Using The Bible To Create Doubt Is Difficult.

Witnesses are only concerned with telling you 'the truth' based on what their literature tells them. They do not seriously consider what the Bible says without Society publications. They believe that the only way to know 'the truth' is through studying their literature. It makes sense to them because if you look at their literature, you will see the Watchtower's unique interpretation of the Bible followed by references to scripture.

In other words, you can debate Bible scriptures all day long and get no where. They believe their organization is God's channel of communication and God speaks only to them.

Here's a good example of how the organization sets up their own rules regardless of what the Bible says.

Jesus told us to love our neighbors and not to judge. Luke 6:27-41. The organization agrees, but adds their own understanding. They say God wants Jehovah's Witnesses to hate apostates. They say, 'Jesus did not mean for us to love the hardened enemies of Jehovah' The Watchtower, July 15, 1961, page 420; See Apostate Jehovah's Witnesses

So if you quote a scripture that proves them wrong, they'll say, 'yes that's what it says, but that's not what it means'. Here are a few more examples:

How To Create Doubt By Understanding Their Beliefs.

For a Jehovah's Witness, reading the Bible and interpreting it based on their own understanding is dangerous territory that can lead to excommunication from the church for apostasy. Independent thinking is not allowed. Everyone is required to be 'like minded'

Read the articles in our article directory. Compare what the Bible says to what they believe. The reason why they believe their understanding of the Bible is superior to yours is because they believe they are 'in the truth' and because of this they are God's people

Armed with their books and magazines, they believe they have the advantage over all other Christians who base their faith only the Bible and words of Jesus alone. 2 John 1:9-11. That's why they believe they understand God's will and purpose better than you.

They consider all criticism of the Watchtower as 'slanderous' and 'religious persecution' but they don't see what their literature says to offend all followers of Christ.

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How To Create Doubt.

If a Jehovah's Witness believes you're, sincere, humble, confused and possibly interested in becoming a Jehovah's Witness, the internet is the one of the very best ways for you to create doubt.

This way you're not saying anything that can be interpreted as an attack on their God or a visible organization run by Jehovah himself. You are merely a seeker of truth, wanting to be convinced that Jehovah's Witnesses are what they claim to be. i.e. if you have the truth, how do you explain these things?

They will not be able to answer your questions if you ask the right ones.

The Watchtower thoroughly prepares all Jehovah's Witnesses to overcome any 'objections' you might have to becoming a member. However they can't prepare Witnesses to answer questions about subjects that are conveniently hidden or not spoken about to protect the organization from harm. (see Theocratic Warfare.)

What To Say To A Jehovah's Witness.

  1. Tell them you've done a lot of research about Jehovah's Witnesses and have questions because you're interested in the truth.
  2. Invite them into your home and make them comfortable.
  3. Physically show them articles and videos on your computer or laptop.
  4. Ask them to comment and prove the information is untrue.
  5. Let the information on the internet do most of the work for you.

Above all, treat Jehovah's Witnesses with love, even though it can be difficult at times. You will need lots of patience. They may not respond right away. Genuinely love and care about them, even when they're being hard to deal with. Pray for them. They may notice that you are being more Christ-like than they are. That alone may cause them to doubt their faith.

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