How To Get Messages From God.

Do we really need a channel of communication or an organization to interpret the Bible for us and guide us in the right direction? According to the Watchtower, you need them to be saved. Watchtower Sept 1989

However what is the truth? Is it true that God only speaks to the leaders of the Watchtower? Is it true that God does not communicate directly with us. If God does speak with us in prayer and answers all our questions, what purpose does the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses serve?

e.g. What if the Governing Body (GB) gives us a message that's different than the one God gives us? If a Witness disobeys Elders and the GB, they can get disfellowshipped, lose their religion, their path to salvation, their family, and all their friends. However if a Witness puts Elders first and God second, would that be a good thing? Would God be pleased?

If you would like to communicate directly with God, you can do it. Here's how.

Messages in The Bible.

The Bible is God's Word. You can always ask God to explain it to you. It's best to ask with a light, thankful, and appreciative heart. Then get out of the way and let God answer your question.

Sometimes when we don't understand something, we think too much. Thinking filters everything we read, see, and hear. In this way our mind is so busy, we can't hear God communicating with us. And if we do hear a message, we're not sure if it's God, or just our imagination.

God speaks to us in the silence in between our thoughts. The more silent and open your mind is to endless possibilities of what a scripture means, the more messages you will receive from God.

When we're silent we can hear more.