How To Love God.

The Best Way To Love God.

Everything God created is good. We can love God by loving the people he created. For example, what if you're a parent and unknown to you, your child is in trouble. Perhaps they've been in a serious accident, or trapped in a burning building, or are considering suicide because they are emotionally depressed. Would you not be forever grateful to the individual or individuals who came to the aid of your child and perhaps saved their life? Would you not love those people forever, - for the rest of your life?

Even if your child is not in serious trouble, wouldn't you love the people who were always there for your child when no one else cared? Imagine how much God loves us, when we love the people, animals, birds, and all living things he created. That's why Jesus said it is wrong to judge others. God doesn't consider whether a person agrees with our beliefs or not. When we judge someone and say they are mentally diseased, wicked, an enemy, or an apostate, that's our problem, - it's an issue we need to deal with. If we want to love God, it's our challenge to put our judgments aside and love people who are different. God loves all his children, even those who are not perfect and make mistakes.

Imagine a world in which you can be yourself and express your divine creativity. You can be heterosexual. You can be gay. You can choose to have a blood transfusion or not. You can attend any church. You can celebrate Mother's Day or choose not to celebrate holidays. You can associate with anyone you want. You can say anything you want and disagree with the opinions of others. Everyone loves you just the way you are. You don't need to impress anyone or agree with them to be loved. You're happy because you're free like God intended for you to be. You know how to love others because you know you are unconditionally loved. Everyone loves being around you, because your love for people is genuine. Compassion and love attracts more of the same.

What We Can Do?

We are loved because God created us. We can reach out to him at any time and accept his love. Or we can choose to live in spiritual darkness, unaware of our capacity to receive and give love.

Once people take the time to study and interact with their neighbors who are different, they learn to love, - not hate the beautiful people God created. They're not evil. They're just different expressions of God's love. They've interpreted God differently. But that doesn't mean they are wicked. Please take a look at this inspiring video and see that world peace is possible when people learn to love.

Love God by loving the people he created. They are his children, - our brothers and sisters.