How To Put God First.

How To Put God First.

If you're a JW, abandon obedience to the Watchtower. Satan competes with God for devotion and obedience. So does the organization. Respect teachers, Elders, and the Governing Body. Love them. Consider what they have to say, but do not obey.

Obeying imperfect men who have no divine inspiration and can make mistakes is a sin against God. It's the same as serving idols in ancient times. Do not be fooled. They appear to be Gods but in fact they are not. They put their pants on the same way you do.

Give ALL your devotion to God. Love Him with ALL your mind, heart, soul, and strength.

You will NOT be leaving God to serve Satan. You will be leaving the Watchtower to give God ALL the glory!

You already know that Jesus is the path to salvation and everlasting life. All you need is God.

Read your Bible without Watchtower publications. Be open to new perspectives with an open mind.

Ask good questions and God will give you good answers. Let the Bible speak to you. Constantly pray for wisdom and understanding every day. God is love. He answers prayer. He will guide you in the way you should go.

If you decide to leave, you may be shunned by family and friends. However here's what you can expect if you put your complete trust in God. He is patient. He forgives you no matter how many times you fall short of His love.

You will never be alone. He will never leave you. And he will love you far beyond what any human is capable of.

Love Those Without Love.

Do not be bitter with the Watchtower and misguided JW's who shun you. Freely speak your truth but always speak from your heart just like Jesus did. Forgive them. They know not what they're doing. Luke 23:1-43;

When you see the true colors of the organization, it will be confirmation you are on the right path. They call upon the name of Jehovah and Jesus but are blind to God's love. Luke 6:35; Matthew 7:15-28;

They believe you are wicked. Prove to them you're an example of Christ's love. Resist the temptation to stoop down to their level of unkindness.

Even though it's difficult, do your best to love even when you're deeply hurt. Forgive yourself when you fall short. Pray for those who shun you and wish them only good. That is the way of Christ.

Love sounds easy but it is not. Love can be very hard when people are unkind and hurting you. That's why it's the 'narrow road' leading to eternal life and few are the ones finding it.