Hypocrisy Quotes.

Here are quotes from Jesus about hypocrisy. What can we learn about keeping the law at all costs? Are we saved by keeping rules?

Are we saved by having the most correct doctrines? Are we saved by belonging to the best religion on the planet? Are we saved by being obedient to an organization that says they're God's slave but has no divine inspiration?

OR are we saved by putting the words of Jesus first? The Bible gives us the answer. Learn from our Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:18.

The hypocrisy of the Pharisees.

  • The Pharisees believed in the strict observance of laws. Jesus believed in love. He said the Pharisees were hypocrites. Jesus always put the welfare of people ahead of rules and regulations.

  • We can be like the Pharisees. We can focus on the rules of Jehovah as our path to salvation. Or we can follow Jesus. But we can't serve two masters.

  • Jesus knew the mind of God. Moses thought he knew Jehovah, but he was mistaken. Ancient people thought Jehovah required strict observance of rules and regulations. But their understanding of God was flawed. Why is that? The answer is easy to understand. See Jehovah vs Jesus

  • God has not changed, but our understanding of him has. Sacrifice is not required for salvation. We cannot earn salvation through the strict observance of rules. We are saved by God's grace. Jesus chose love, compassion, and good works. He healed people on the Sabbath to improve the quality of their life. He performed miracles and blessed people.

  • Instead of strict observance of the law, Jesus chose to give people a better life by healing them of their illnesses. He chose love over hypocrisy and self righteousness. Jesus chose to save lives. Will you follow Jesus or the Pharisees?

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